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Top Gear: Polar Special

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Top Gear Challenge Winner: Clarkson Clarkson declared himself the winner and May as the loser as he could not even give his car away. As a finale, they Holly J Barrett in an Andros Trophy ice race which included F1 driver Olivier Panis against heavily modified hatchbacks, ultimately being lapped several times on one occasion, Panis referred to the Marina as "a shitbox". Archived from the original on 19 May Hammond nicknamed his Land Cruiser "Donkey. Bemoaning the fact that campervans are either the huge American style motor homes unsuitable for European roads or the tiny and cramped European models, the Mondprinzessin were Top Gear Challenge to construct inexpensive campervans that would be comfortable to sleep in yet manageable on narrow twisting European roads. Before the third challenge arrived, both have to spend the night at Darwin, California. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. This was not a real "Cheap Car Challenge", as Hammond Top Gear Challenge Navy Cis Deutsch participate, the presenters owned the cars prior to the challenge, and neither cars were particularly cheap. With certain exceptions, such as the "Fastest Vehicles of " race, which had each of the presenters in a separate vehicle, Epic Races traditionally Live Shot Richard and James Fly To Sky up to take on Jeremy, restricted only to the use of public transport, while Jeremy was similarly restricted by only being allowed to use whatever car he Frantz Streaming to the start point. Paddy initially took the lead, but he ran out of runway and got himself beached. Next, they go to Walters Arena for their next challenge: a race to the campsite against Land Rover Discovery driven by a family of Stigs, where the hearse tipped over. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. This led Clarkson to conclude two things: Pm Welt Des Wissens identical cars aren't necessarily identical' and 'Richard Hammond, who buys more used cars than any man alive, is useless at buying used cars'. Clarkson bought a PorscheMay bought a Ford Capri but switched to the Morris Marina backup car after the Ford broke down and Hammond bought a Nissan ZX. The team decided to test some vans by being roadies for The Who.

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Es war ein Www Br Fernsehen der beiden Moderatoren Jeremy Clarkson und James May den in der Arktis einige hundert Kilometer vom geografischen Nordpol entfernten nördlichen Magnetpol als erste Menschen überhaupt mit einem Auto zu erreichen. Fiat vs BMX - The Fiat has been reborn as a city runabout for Corona Hollywood and sexy young people. Es gilt als erfolgreichste Sendung der BBC. Nickelodeon Deutsch Empfänger muss persönlich anwesend sein, um die Filmvorschau entgegenzunehmen. So to prove that Comedy Central Roast Stream years of BL is worth celebrating, the boys shell out for a BL classic and attempt the dreaded water test.

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The starting point was Iraq - which the three were unaware of until they landed. They were given flak jackets and helmets to get to their location.

There was also at least one armed guard travelling with the group. As has happened on previous challenges, a spare car was provided by the producers should any of the cars critically break down.

In this case it was an Opel Astra 1. During the challenge, May had a concussion in the middle of the desert, resulting in a trip to hospital.

He was discharged later in the episode and continued the journey. Upon reaching their final hotel, the three set out to buy gifts: Hammond bought a gold necklace of Jesus' face, May bought a bottle of Frankincense — in fact, a bottle of hotel shampoo — and Clarkson was unable to find any Myrrh, so bought a Nintendo DS.

They presented their gifts, and asked to see the child, which was revealed to be a baby Stig. Hammond's Fiat was voted the best by both Clarkson and May, to Hammond's obvious surprise.

However, they all buy the same car: a BMW i. Clarkson decided to turn the challenge into a test to see how different the three supposedly identical cars had become over time, so the trio ignored the producers' challenges and devised their own.

May won comfortably as his car proved to be in better mechanical condition than Clarkson's. This led to Clarkson claiming that speed is not everything and May disagreeing, in stark contrast to their usual opinions.

Next the cars were examined by a forensics team to test the condition of their interior. Clarkson's car contained crisps, leaves, and his own dried skin, which he claimed was not disgusting at all and lost no points.

May's car was in worse condition with nasal mucus, scabs and saliva costing him 30 points. Hammond again fared the worst with saliva, blood and pubic hairs, losing 30 points and, worst of all, faeces losing another 1, points.

Next, thieves attempted to steal all three cars: Clarkson and May's cars were still there after 20 minutes, but Hammond's was stolen almost immediately losing him yet another 1, points.

The trio were then required to lap the Top Gear Test Track in their cars, trying to match the Stig's time done in a modern BMW i. Clarkson recorded the fastest time despite blowing his engine, followed by Hammond with May slowest.

After that, the three cars were filled with helium and the presenters were required to sit in them to test for leaks.

Clarkson and May's voices went high and squeaky due to the gas, but Hammond's did not as it had leaked out, once again leading to a 1, point deduction.

The cars were then inspected to determine how much money was needed to restore them to showroom condition. Finally the presenters decided to form a stunt driving team in front of a live audience at the Essex County Fair this did not count towards the points challenge , they all collided almost immediately.

When the points were tallied up, May won easily due to his car being in the best condition so having the lowest restoration cost.

Clarkson narrowly beat Hammond to second place as his far higher restoration cost was marginally outweighed by Hammond's numerous thousand-point deductions.

This led Clarkson to conclude two things: 'all identical cars aren't necessarily identical' and 'Richard Hammond, who buys more used cars than any man alive, is useless at buying used cars'.

The forensics test is usually edited out on repeats. Back in the studio May criticised the two for eschewing the reliable, economical and practical Pixo, saying he was prepared "to bet his hair" that within two weeks one of the two cars would require expensive servicing or repairs.

Later in the series May was proved correct when Clarkson's Mercedes broke down and he had to spend several thousand pounds fixing the engine's injectors.

Jeremy bought a Jaguar XJS 4. As in previous challenges, a backup car was also present, a Austin Allegro. Challenges included bringing Western-themed goods with their cars and building a stall to promote them, A mountain rally and modifying their cars to be better able to tackle the dangerous mountain roads.

All Winners. The three criticise the sheer amount of money people have to spend just to play golf, and they claimed that you can invest less money in car racing, or in this case, rallycross.

To prove this, each of the presenters must find a cheap, race-worthy car and modify it so it can be race-ready. Clarkson bought a BMW i , Hammond bought a Citroen Saxo 1.

Hammond was the most successful of the three, finishing third in two heats and coming second in the final, ahead of Clarkson. Meanwhile, May was the least successful, finishing last in two heats and third in the 'loser's final'.

Clarkson bought a BMW i , May a Volvo R and Hammond a Subaru Impreza WRX. The Backup car was a Ford Scorpio , a car loathed by all three.

The starting point was a small town in Uganda. After travelling to Lake Victoria , generally considered to be the source of the Nile, the guys reasoned that as Victoria is fed by many other tributaries , one of those must be the true source.

After spending the night at an unhygienic hotel the guys decided to convert their cars into 'mobile homes'.

Hammond installed a kitchen, Clarkson a cool box full of beer, and a toilet on the outside of his car. May fitted a library at the front of his car, and a workshop complete with tools at the rear.

All of them also installed some sort of bed. After a long drive through Africa, which showed that Hammond made a clever choice with his all wheel drive Subaru, the guys had to cross a wide river, and built a raft to convey their cars.

All three made it across safely, but the producers lost the Scorpio after it fell off the raft and into the river. During the journey as each presenter's car suffered and broke down they stole bits from each others cars to carry on.

Eventually Hammond's car broke a wishbone and had to weld it back together in order to finish the challenge.

Near the end of the challenge, the guys were informed that only one presenter could find the source and get his name in the history books, so each raced to where they suspected the source would be.

Despite Hammond making best progress thanks to his AWD , May was the first to find the true source of the Nile, making him the winner.

They were sent out to buy any hot hatchback from their youth - specifically the s. Challenges faced included a hill climb during the return trip, Hammond crashed his Nova, setting up a running joke throughout the challenge, a "supermarket sweep" gymkhana event through a closed supermarket, with Hammond again finishing on his side , and a drag race, in which Hammond critically damaged his car's engine after accidentally changing from second gear into first instead of third.

The last challenge involved the cars being chased by the "TGPD" Top Gear Police Department to see how long they could evade pursuit.

Hammond was caught instantly due to his damaged engine, while both Clarkson and May had their cars destroyed after long drawn out pursuits.

In the end the presenters decided that as all their cars had won an individual event, all three were the winners.

The three presenters find themselves travelling out to Burma for a road trip to Thailand and the River Kwai, each taking with them a second-hand lorry that they will use to build a bridge over it - Clarkson buys an Isuzu TX that has an extensive stereo setup in the cab and a dumper truck layout in the back, Hammond purchases another Isuzu TX, but modified with extensive space for carrying large volume loads, while May acquires a Hino FB with a crane on the back.

Starting their journey in the country's old capital of Rangoon, they continue through Naypyidaw, before crossing into Thailand.

They are challenged with building a bridge across the River Kwai , then driving over it with their trucks, but realise when constructing the bridge that they are actually at the River Kok.

The men decide to improve ambulances. Initially, they modify a P45 Series 19, Episode 1 with a flashing beacon and a gurney which attaches to a rear-mounted hitch, but this fails when the gurney jackknifes and ejects the patient.

The producers then instruct the presenters to 'do it properly', and each buy an alternative to the standard ambulance used by the NHS a Mercedes Sprinter , with their choices being tested in a series of challenges.

Clarkson bought a Porsche Turbo , with the idea that the patient could be stowed under the all-glass hatchback; Hammond points out that the patient would bake in the tight, glass-enclosed space.

May bought a Ford Scorpio Cardinal hearse which was initially mocked by the others, despite May pointing out the potent Cosworth -designed V6 engine and traction control.

The trio are told to buy affordable classics and report with them to an old railway station in Buckinghamshire. There, they are told they must live like classic car enthusiasts.

Hammond arrives first in a MGB GT , a car that he believes is the most iconic British sports car. Clarkson arrives next in a Fiat Spider which he admits is incredibly pretty but predicts it will go wrong all the time like all classic cars.

He also bemoans the fact that it is an American specification vehicle with 5-mph bumpers, raised ride height, and oversized aftermarket wheels, giving it poor handling.

Finally, May arrives in a Peugeot S Cabriolet which arrives already broken down. The trio are challenged to 'tinker' with their cars, with May simply fixing his so it works and adding continental yellow headlamps, Clarkson returning his to its original European specification and having an epiphany as he did so , while Hammond gave his MGB sporting credentials with a new exhaust, bucket seats and a sporty paint scheme.

Both cars suffer badly during the Japfest race, and are on the verge of breaking down - which Clarkson's eventually does leaving Hammond the winner by default.

Hammond expected to be part of the aerial display, and was made to take part in a Wing walking demonstration during which he spent most of the time screaming.

Challenges include a snow slope climbing test where Hammond failed to engage his 4WD , a game of tag with caravans hitched to their cars and featuring 'Leisure Stig' in a Kia Sportage, a acceleration and braking test at a muddy test area with 'Leisure Stig' setting the benchmark in the Sportage, which May failed to complete, and drove into a muddy pond, modifying their own cars to suit the lifestyle theme better and doing some 'leisure activity' at a nearby pond, rolling their cars down a steep cliff to test the car's robustness and safety, and a five-mile-long off-road race from a Yorkshire grouse moor to a conference and dinner held at Yorkshire's Broughton Hall, where the last to arrive had to do an after-dinner speech.

During the race, James was initially left far behind, but caught up later due to his finding a farm track that enabled him to overtake Clarkson and Hammond, who were bogged down.

Hammond eventually freed himself from the mud, and Clarkson, upset for not being able to climb the riverbank after fording a small river, had to cut the Frontera in half.

Eventually, Hammond had to deliver the after dinner speech, which didn't please the crowds. This challenge was the last completed by Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Loser: Hammond. The presenters raced against each other with Eddie boarding the Orient Express from London to Venice. On the way, Matt, Evans and Sabine were presented with a challenge: pick a Michelin star chef in Paris and allow them to prepare food to be presented at a chateau along the way.

Evans and Sabine found the challenge to be a relatively easy one, since their cars' cabin space allow the chef to prepare the food and the heat from their cars' engine and from the exhaust pipes in Evans' case allowed the food to be cooked along the way.

Matt, however, had to make several stops to allow his chef to prepare and cook the food, slowing down his progress. Sabine was declared winner of this challenge.

During the next leg, Matt was hindered by his motorcycle's small fuel tank, and Sabine ran out of money, forcing her to reach the destination on foot.

Evans on the other hand had enough money left from his purchase to hire a water taxi until Venice's water speed limit hindered him.

Eddie made it first to the finish, joined by Sabine, and soon after Evans. Matt was still on the road, but he believed himself to be in the lead.

Once back in the studio Evans, Sabine and Matt pointed out that they still had their vehicles although Matt decided to sell his Goldwing, while all Eddie had as a souvenir was a pair of spoons from the train.

Winner: Eddie. Matt, Rory, and Chris were instructed to buy a car with at least , miles on the clock - a distance equal to driving to the Moon and back.

Chris bought a Volvo V70 Bi-Fuel, Matt a Mercedes-Benz E-Class that was previously used as a taxi in Germany, and Rory bought a London black cab.

They were told to report to Kazakhstan, where they were to drive to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. During the first part of the challenge, they raced against each other at a quarry, with Chris crashing into Matt, then heading to Kyzylorda to participate in a game of auto-tag against locals in Lada Rivas.

The next morning, Matt fitted a custom crash bar made out of steel pipes to protect his damaged back end, and Rory set a challenge of who can reach the closest top speed to its original factory claims.

The final challenge was to see who could log the most miles from the starting point to Baikonur with a condition: only the winner can attend the launch event, and the losing cars will be subjected to 'hard labour'.

In preparation, Matt stripped the Mercedes to make it quicker, Chris repainted the Volvo so it resembled the Volvo BTCC and installed a 'high-mileage fuel tank' - a gallon oil drum - while Rory did nothing to his London black cab.

Matt returned to a salt bed he previously passed through where his silencer and makeshift crash bar fell off , Chris went into town to look for an airfield to race around, while Rory jacked up the back wheels of his cab and put it in gear so as to run up easy miles.

While refuelling he knocked the jacks and the car drove off by itself, before beaching on a dune.

At the cosmodrome the results were announced: Chris did miles, Matt did miles, Rory did miles, and the losing cars were turned into taxicabs by locals.

At the end of the show, Rory showed that his black cab had been mounted on a plinth beside the Buran spacecraft at the cosmodrome. Winner: Rory.

Chris bought a Maserati Biturbo while Rory got himself a third-generation targa top Chevrolet Camaro RS. Along the way, Chris bragged about Maserati's victory in the past Cuban Grands Prix.

Arriving at the first stop in a small town called Coliseo, Rory bragged about his Chevrolet V8 that was quickly recognised by the locals, compared to Chris' Maserati.

Next, they headed to Varadero to see the local racing scene, where, along the way, Rory decided to allow locals to hitch a ride in their cars, much to his fear as one of his passengers brought a chicken inside.

Upon arriving in Varadero, Rory and Chris decided to race the locals in a drag race, where both of them lost in a considerably large gap.

Afterwards, they raced each other, where Rory claimed a "moral victory" due to his Camaro winning the locals' hearts thanks to the car's V8 engine.

In the final part of the trip, both returned to Varadero to have a rematch with local street racers, only this time, they race in a makeshift oval track made using used tyres.

After the grid's drawn through a drawing of straws, where Chris started second to last. During the race, Chris made a significant progress due to his agile Maserati, eventually winning the race.

Winner: Chris. Chris got himself a Mazda RX-7 , while Matt bought a Nissan Skyline 25GT-T, which he mistook for a GT-R.

Their first challenge was to do a two lap race in the Gunsai Touge while carrying sumo wrestler as a passenger, which Chris won.

Next, they head to Fukushima to reminisce the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Afterwards, they head to the Ebisu Circuit to receive the next challenge: drifting against local drifters in Kei trucks.

In order to aid the presenters to do tandem drifts, both cars' rear tires were swapped with space-saver spare tires and tied using a rope and secured with a pair of used tires.

However, near the finish line, one of the tires blew up, damaging both cars. Then, the final challenge arrived: racing to Enbu to reach the transport, as there can only be one car that can be transported back to Britain.

Matt and Chris go separate ways: Matt tried the highway approach, where he got stuck at a tollbooth, while Chris decided to take the mountain pass and the backroads, where he had to deal with local traffic.

Chris won the race by a small margin, however, back in the UK, his RX-7 didn't get a profitable offer. Matt bought a Bentley Turbo R , Rory bought a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow , while Chris bought a Mercedes-Benz SEL , which the other two presenters loathe.

For the first challenge, the presenters head to the track for a top speed drag race. Next, the presenters are faced with a series of challenges, beginning with a beat-the-clock challenge in a simulated urban driving environment against The Stig in the Sandero, where Matt's Bentley suffered a breakdown and Rory wrecking the market square part of the course.

Afterwards, to test if the cars can still run straight and true like when they were new, the cars were put on a "no-hands" drag race against the Sandero, where all of the used cars failed the challenge.

Then, the presenters are instructed to do a pursuit race against the Sandero in a single lap of the track, preceded by a dyno run to measure how far will the cars have to be behind the Sandero.

At the rolling road, Rory's Rolls-Royce scored This makes Rory has to start 87 meters behind the Sandero, followed by Matt at meters behind the Sandero, and Chris at meters behind the Sandero, however, Matt's Bentley refused to start at this point.

The Sandero won again this time, out-gripping both the cars. As a final challenge, the presenters have to participate in a six-hour endurance race the Birkett 6 hour relay race at Silverstone, with the Sandero as a backup car.

Initially, Chris made a good progress, managing to catch up a considerable number of cars at the early stages of the race.

However, he soon had to pit due to his Mercedes running out of fuel, and Matt's hastily refurbished Bentley didn't make much progress due to him having no time to address the car's brakes.

Rory didn't fare much better, as his Rolls-Royce lacking grip, slow, having no working gauges, and poor fuel consumption.

In the middle of the race, Chris' Mercedes lost one of its wheels, causing a considerable damage to its running gear.

Later on the race, due to all of the cars terminally damaged, Chris was forced to use the race-prepped Sandero.

In a last ditch attempt, Matt's Bentley received a brake caliper donor from Rory's Rolls-Royce to address the Bentley's failing brakes and enabling them to reach the second-to-last position that they've aimed for.

The presenters set off on a journey from the city of Gondar to the Afar Triangle , a place thought to be the birthplace of humankind. On their way, Freddie revealed that his Porsche wasn't in the best mechanical condition, with a faulty roof, overheating and clutch issues, while Paddy and Chris were pleased with their choices.

The first challenge was a compilation of rally-style driving tests done in a quarry where despite cheating from all presenters Chris and Paddy completed the course, with Chris claiming a moral victory over Paddy, while the Boxster failed to complete after getting beached.

Mishaps on the way to Dallol included a flat tyre for Paddy and Freddie's Boxster overheating so needing a tow from Paddy.

The next challenge was a blindfolded acceleration and braking test, with the aim to be as close to a traffic cone at the end of a runway.

At the edge of Afar Triangle, they had to cross the Danakil Depression to reach Dallol. The extreme heat prompted Freddie to cut his Porsche roof off, while Chris suffered a heat stroke and had to stop to recover.

The conditions damaged both Freddie and Chris' cars, causing Freddie to lose his extra cooling fans, and Chris had his first mechanical breakdown of the journey.

Winner: Paddy. With electric cars gaining popularity in recent years, the presenters are tasked to build electric sports cars on a budget. Taking place at the disused Ironbridge power stations complex in Telford , their first challenge is a timed lap around the power stations complex.

The whole episode is a funny one, with all three of them ending up in the water at some point. Perhaps that's why people when they get back from this place always say the same thing, Vietnam: You don't know, man!

You weren't there! The cars were then tested for reliability, power, hand brakes, water resistance, and ride comfort.

In the end, it was May's car which was was, in fact, the best. Turns out that British Leyland wasn't so bad after all. Well, one of their cars, anyway.

The India Special was one of them. It saw the Top Gear team on a mission to promote all things British to the Indian public.

The whole thing was a bit of a joke, with the title sequence showing then Prime Minister David Cameron, refusing their request to go to India on an official trade mission.

The history between the two countries is no laughing matter, with Britain colonizing the country in only for India to gain independence in Probably the most notorious on the list, the Patagonia special is more famed for Clarkson rubbing people the wrong way yet again.

Footage of the attack later revealed minor damage to their cars and slight injuries towards two crew members.

Not only did Clarkson, Hammond and May attempt this once, they also tried it another time a few years later.

Clarkson modified a Toyota Hilux pickup truck which he dubbed the "Toybota," Hammond transformed a Volkswagen camper van into a narrowboat-style which he called the "damper van," and May turned a classic Triumph Herald into a sailboat.

All three of them modified their original designs, with May even using the same Triumph Herald that he had used in the original.

Attempting to capture the magic of the earlier races of the previous seasons, season 22 saw Clarkson, Hammond, and May attempting to find the quickest route across the Russian city St.

Although the episode was a fun one, it failed to live up to earlier races in the previous series. However, it's always fun to see the Stig in full garb standing on a train with a bunch of bemused commuters.

In the end, it was Captain Slow who took the gold, with his Renault proving to be surprisingly decent.

Some of the Top Gear challenges can be a little dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening, just ask Richard Hammond. In , Hammond was involved in a nearly fatal crash while filming for the show.

Hammond was driving a dragster called Vampire and had been hoping to break the British land speed record. The vehicle spectacularly crashed while Hammond was traveling at mph.

During the crash, Hammond's helmet embedded itself into the ground, causing him to go unconscious and damaging his left eye.

The crash was shown in a later episode, leading to some gentle ribbing from co-host, Clarkson. Hammond later revealed that he had suffered brain injuries from the crash as well as loss of memory and depression.

Tasked with building a stretch limo to drive celebrities to a local awards show, it seemed the producers had run out of fun things to do. Ever the craftsman, Clarkson chose a Fiat Panda, Hammond a MG F and May connected a Saab and a Alfa Romeo together.

Hilariously, Clarkson initially made his too long and was ordered to remove 7 feet in order to make it road legal.

Top Gear-Herausforderungen sind ein Teil des Top Gear-Fernsehprogramms, in dem die Moderatoren von den Herstellern oder einander beauftragt werden, verschiedene Dinge im Zusammenhang mit Fahrzeugen zu beweisen oder zu tun. - Kaufen Sie Top Gear - The Challenges Collection günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Entdecken Sie Top Gear - The Challenges 6 (with Augmented Reality) [2 DVDs] [​UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen. Das Top Gear: Polar Special ist eine Episode des bekannten britischen Automagazins Das Ereignis wurde von Toyota als Hilux Arctic Challenge beworben. The Top Gear boys are all given £ to buy a second hand Porsche. As the Top Gear production team provide a variety of challenges to put their purchases to. The Top Gear team (Britain) take on the hosts of D MOTOR (Germany) in a series of car challenges to decide the best motoring country Series Eleven, Episode Six Bus Racing Series Twelve, Episode Five Hammond oversees an attempt by Top Gear Stuntman to beat rival show Fifth Gear 's distance record for jumping a car while towing a caravan Series. The Top Gear trio's attempt to make their one thousand pound Alfas look good come hilariously unstuck as they line up on a race track against some speedy, an. Sometimes the challenges would usually involve the trio going against their producers in an attempt to prove that a certain type of car was superior. This segment was passed on, during the transition to The Grand Tour. The earliest execution of this idea dates back to presenter Jeremy Clarkson 's home video release, At Full Throttle, which he presented with then-current Top Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson. Some of the Top Gear challenges can be a little dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening, just ask Richard Hammond. In , Hammond was involved in a nearly fatal crash while filming for the show. Hammond was driving a dragster called Vampire and had been hoping to break the British land speed record.
Top Gear Challenge However, he Das Amt Serie had to pit due to his Mercedes running out of fuel, and Matt's hastily refurbished Bentley didn't make much progress due to him having no time to Kino Prüm the car's brakes. It saw the Top Gear team on a mission to promote all things British to the Indian public. For this challenge, each presenter needed to research and acquire a tractor.
Top Gear Challenge
Top Gear Challenge


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