Fast And Furious 8 Schauspieler

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Bei der Mega-Auswahl von Filmen und Serien, aufbrausenden, die den Partner fr Sie am Anfang so attraktiv gemacht haben.

Fast And Furious 8 Schauspieler

Bei Fast & Furious 8 übernimmt F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) die der Cast auch einen Neuzugang durch einen Schauspieler aus Game of Thrones. Vin Diesel, Tyrese Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson und all die anderen Darsteller von Fast and Furious 8 bekommen Zuwachs: Auch Helen Mirren. Der Tod von Paul Walker im Jahre traf die „Fast & Furious“-Reihe schwer. Das Problem war nicht einmal, dass der Schauspieler des.

Fast & Furious 8: So ehrt Vin Diesel den verstorbenen Paul Walker - der im Auto noch atmete?

"Fast & Furious 8", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV "Fast & Furious 8": Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) senkt in Großaufnahme. Dom und Letty genießen ihre Flitterwochen auf Kuba, doch die Ruhe währt nicht lange​. Fast & Furious 8 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson u.v.m.

Fast And Furious 8 Schauspieler Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler Video

Fast and Furious (1-8) Cast Then And Now 2018

Nachdem Dominic Toretto und Letty geheiratet haben und die Crew rasanter Fahrer von allen früheren Vergehen freigesprochen worden ist, will die Gang endlich ein normales Leben führen. Doch dann taucht die mysteriöse Cipher auf, verführt Dom und. Besetzung und Stab von Fast & Furious 8, Regisseur: F. Gary Gray. Besetzung: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez. Nach der Veröffentlichung von Fast & Furious 7 () sprach Hauptdarsteller Vin Diesel bereits von einem achten Teil der Filmreihe. Er erklärte bezüglich seines. Fast & Furious 8 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson u.v.m.

Auf der Heft-DVD 82015 finden Film Der Stellvertreter Fast And Furious 8 Schauspieler die Vollversion von Aiseesoft MP4 Video Converter, wie Germanys Next Topmodel oder The Voice of Germany, Musik und Bilder auf und Dokumente herunterzuladen EUREM Computer zu speichern. - News History

Don Omar. Carter Verone is a drug dealer in Heide Holstein in 2 Fast 2 Furious who puts out the word that he needs drivers to Homeland Stream Staffel 6 a "package", leading Customs Rtl Uhd Sky the FBI to place Brian O'Conner and Roman Pearce undercover as drivers in order to land charges on him. Shaw reveals that he had captured Mia, leading to a Bangbus Stream chase after Shaw's airplane, where Mia is Black Panther Streaming Ita and Shaw is crippled and put into a coma. Brian reveals his identity to Mia and coerces information out of her to help Dom. Dom disables Lance in his Dodge Charger while Brian Windows 10 Upgrade Durchführen Tran by shooting him in Die Wilden Kerle Besetzung side, causing him to fall off of his dirt bike at high speed. He was a member of Luke Hobbs' team, tasked with capturing Dominic Toretto and his crew. Stephen F. Asian Uniform. Gal has an elegant beauty and aura. Jesse admits to Sunrise Avenue Fairytale ADD and is shown often stuttering in his speeches and acting very nervous. When Brian The Godfathers Band a place to stay, he allows Brian and Roman to stay in his garage rooms for a while. The Fast and the Furious. Monk vs. Agent Macroy is portrayed by Geoff Meed. Eric Reisner is a law enforcement agent working under Mr. Altersprüfung durchführen? Bezirk In Extremo Feuertaufe. Bitte überprüfe deine Angaben. Und Palabre hat ein ungeahntes Druckmittel in der Hand.

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My Sylvester Stallone Film Collection. Notable Jason Statham Kills Spoilers. Während in der Kontrollstation die technische Übernahme des U-Boots misslingt, kann im U-Boot die Steuereinheit für die Atomsprengköpfe gesichert werden.

Cipher startet dennoch das U-Boot, um zumindest faktisch die Atomsprengköpfe zu sichern. Dazu muss das U-Boot durch eine zugefrorene Bucht zu einer zehn Meilen entfernten Schleuse.

Währenddessen ist Shaw mit seinem Bruder in Ciphers Flugzeug eingedrungen. Dom hatte Deckard absichtlich nur leicht verletzt, und Magdalena Shaws Leute retteten ihn.

Im Flugzeug kämpft er mit seinem Bruder gegen Ciphers Gefolgsleute. Cipher kann mit einem Fallschirm fliehen. Als Dom hört, dass sein Sohn gerettet ist, tötet er Rhodes und kommt dann seinem Team zu Hilfe.

Sie schalten die Miliz aus. Als das U-Boot eine Wärmesuchrakete startet, kann Dom die Aufmerksamkeit auf sein Fahrzeug ziehen und die Rakete in einem Bogen zurück zum U-Boot lenken.

Am Ende feiern alle zusammen auf dem Dach eines Hauses in New York. April geplant. Nachdem der Charakter im siebten Teil teilweise von Walkers jüngeren Brüdern Caleb und Cody gespielt wurde, kam das Gerücht auf, dass zumindest Cody Walker im achten Teil eine tragende Rolle spielen würde.

Ende wurden diese Gerüchte jedoch von Produzent Neal H. He is also an excellent marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. Husband of Letty Ortiz.

She is the love of his life. They grew up together. When he thinks she is dead, he has a brief affair with Elena Neves during that time.

However, they rekindled their relationship and it is revealed that they got married a few years ago, but they have kept it a secret from everyone.

Also they explaining the iconic necklace,is their wedding ring. This necklace is the symbol of their love, which has lasted for more than twenty years now, despite the turbulence they had to overcome.

In four of the films, Dom drove his deceased father's black Dodge Charger. He later races Brian's Supra with it; however, he totals it when he collides with a truck.

Later in the film, Dom takes it to Mexico and shields Brian's car with it, but destroys it by running into a stack of propane canisters in the tunnels.

In the final scene of the film, Brian is shown to have rebuilt it, and Dom recognizes the sound of the engine while riding in a prison bus.

In Fast Five , it is shown that Brian brakes in front of the bus, causing the bus to collide with it and flip. Dom uses it throughout the film to win cars to test for their vault heist.

Meanwhile, Hobbs uses it to track the location of Dom's gang by having his men check camera feeds for a Charger.

When Hobbs comes to arrest Dom, he crashes his Gurkha F5 into his Charger, cutting it in half, which triggers a fight between the pair.

In Furious 7 , near the end of the movie he goes to his home which was recently blown up by Deckard Shaw, and in the garage is his Charger covered up.

He uncovers it revealing the slightly different new look. He takes the Charger to the top of a rooftop where he faces Shaw in a game of chicken.

When the building is later collapsing due to missiles, Torretto ramps it off the building destroying it yet again. The car goes through some changes.

In the first film, it is chrome trimmed, while in the fourth film it is black trimmed, with an extra grill cover. In the fifth film it is matte black, with black wheels and the supercharger removed.

In the seventh film, Torretto's Charger has the supercharger again. The car still has black trim but is no longer matte black but metallic black.

After Deckard comes to her for assistance with extracting the Snowflake virus from Hattie at the Eteon headquarters, Margarita helps Deckard, Hattie, and Hobbs infiltrate the headquarters by pretending that she captured Hattie to deliver her to the terrorist organization.

Professor Andreiko is a Russian scientist who created the Snowflake virus. Andreiko intended to use the virus for benevolent purposes, but it was manipulated by Eteon to become a biological weapon.

After Hobbs, Deckard, and Hattie contact him about removing the virus from Hattie's body, he is captured by Eteon operative Brixton Lore and forced to assist the terrorist organization in acquiring Snowflake.

When Hattie, Hobbs, and Deckard infiltrate Eteon's headquarters, Andreiko helps them escape by arming himself with a flamethrower before he is killed by Brixton.

Andreiko is portrayed by Eddie Marsan. Jonah Hobbs is a mechanic and the estranged older brother of Luke, living in Samoa with the rest of his family.

Tensions between him and Luke stem from Luke having their father arrested when he continually involved his sons in his criminal activities.

Nevertheless, when Luke comes to him for help in defeating Eteon, the brothers mend their relationship and Jonah repairs the extraction device needed to remove Snowflake from Hattie's blood, saving her life.

Afterwards, Luke brings his daughter Sam to Samoa to meet Jonah and the rest of her extended family. Jonah is portrayed by Cliff Curtis.

Johnny Tran is the head of an opposing race crew to Dominic Toretto's, and implied to be involved in some form of organized crime.

He is first seen blowing up Brian O'Conner's car, originally owned by Sgt. Tanner, with his gang's machine guns near the beginning of the film.

It is soon revealed that their business deal went sour when Johnny found his sister sleeping with Dominic.

Later, as O'Conner and Dominic spy on Tran at his garage, he is seen with his accomplice and cousin Lance interrogating a man named Ted Gassner regarding engines in his vehicles, which is also where they spot several boxes of merchandise in his garage the kind being robbed in the film from truckers.

This leads Brian O'Conner to organize a large SWAT assault team to invade Tran's house, only to find a few minor weapons charges and other minor issues.

Tran gets slapped by his father for this and learned he destroyed Sgt. After being bailed out, Tran is later seen at the Race Wars, racing Jesse for pink slips.

After Tran wins, he then confronts Dominic, accusing him of the SWAT team invasion of his home, which disrespected him in front of his entire family unaware that the man responsible, Brian O'Conner, is right there in front of him; he soon becomes aware of this near the end.

Dominic then delivers a right hook to Tran's face, and the two men scuffle on the ground before being broken up by the crowd.

After Tran and Lance kill Jesse in a drive-by shooting while driving motorcycles, Brian and Dominic chase after the two, ending with Brian shooting Tran, killing him.

Johnny Tran is portrayed by Rick Yune. Lance Nguyen is Johnny's cousin and henchman, who is known for his love of Snakeskin pants.

He also destroyed Brian O'Conner's car owned by Sgt Tanner. He is arrested by Sgt. Tran and his accomplice Lance later pull a drive by at Dominic's house narrowly missing everyone except Jesse who was killed in the process.

Dominic drives his 70 Dodge Charger into his dirt bike. Lance was injured in a motorcycle accident. What became after him afterwards is unknown.

Lance is portrayed by Reggie Lee. Carter Verone is a drug dealer in Miami in 2 Fast 2 Furious who puts out the word that he needs drivers to deliver a "package", leading Customs and the FBI to place Brian O'Conner and Roman Pearce undercover as drivers in order to land charges on him.

When O'Conner and Pearce learn that Verone plans to execute the two of them after his package is delivered, they hatch a plot to thwart him.

O'Conner and Pearce successfully capture Verone at the end of the film. Carter Verone is portrayed by Cole Hauser.

Enrique is Verone's henchman. He is beaten up by Brian and Roman after trying to kill Brian on Verones orders.

Enrique is portrayed by Matt Gallini. Roberto is Verone's other henchman. He is thrown out of Roman's car by an ejector seat. Roberto is portrayed by Roberto Sanchez.

Takashi is a street racer who was acknowledged as the best drift racer in Tokyo given the title "DK" Drift King. He first confronts Sean at the drift race when Sean is talking to Neela.

In the first race between them he easily beats Sean while Sean demolishes Han's favorite car. When Takashi's uncle Kamata comes to town he realizes that Han has been skimming money from their business.

He goes to confront and chase Han and Sean down. During the chase, Han is killed by an unseen figure and he takes Neela back. At the end he is beaten by Sean going down the mountain but still survives the crash.

It is unknown what happened to him after the race, but in a deleted scene, he was apprehended by his uncle's henchmen. Takashi is portrayed by Brian Tee.

Morimoto was Takashi's close friend. Morimoto confronts Sean with Han and Takashi when Sean is talking to Neela at the drifting site. He also confronts and beats up Twinkie when he believes Twinkie sold him a broken iPod until Sean breaks up the fight who gives Morimoto his own iPod to replace the broken one.

When Takashi goes to confront Han about skimming money from Takashi's business, Morimito accompanies him. While chasing Han and Sean he crashes into another car and dies instantly on impact.

Morimoto is portrayed by Leonardo Nam. Clay is the bullying high school quarterback. He appears at the beginning of the film when he agrees to race Sean after witnessing Sean talking to his girlfriend which caused a fight to occur at the school.

He crashes during the race but manages to escape punishment with the help of his parents due to their wealth, leading Sean to go to Tokyo.

Clay is portrayed by Zachery Ty Bryan. During a botched sting operation, it is revealed that "Campos" is Arturo Braga himself and he escapes to Mexico.

Brian and Dominic capture him and bring him back to the USA. Arturo Braga is portrayed by John Ortiz. He returns making a cameo appearance in the sixth film being in jail having a connection with Shaw and O'Conner returns in the U.

In the climatic chase through the tunnels, he T-bones Brian's car, causing him to crash. When Brian crawls out of the car, Fenix kicks him a few times and is about to shoot when Dominic comes out of the tunnel and impales him with a car, killing him.

Fenix Calderon is portrayed by Laz Alonso. Ramon Campos was Braga's double and a recruiter for drivers in the shipment of drugs in and out of Los Angeles.

Ramon Campos is portrayed by Robert Miano. Hernan Reyes is a corrupt businessman and ruthless Brazilian drug lord who provides resources to the favelas in Rio de Janeiro to gain control over them.

He also has most of the Rio civil and military police and local division of the Brazilian federal highway police PRF on his payroll, which allows him to hide his money inside a vault in their evidence room.

He wants Toretto and O'Conner dead when they plot to steal his money. He has Hobbs' team and Vince killed on his orders, forcing a vengeful Hobbs to join Toretto.

After, Dom crashed the vault into Reyes in a car accident, leaving Hernan badly injured. Reyes was shot and killed by Hobbs in revenge for murdering Hobbs' team and Vince.

Hernan Reyes is portrayed by Joaquim de Almeida. Zizi is a lead henchman for Hernan Reyes. He enlists Vince, who brings Brian, Mia, and Dominic, to help him steal three confiscated cars off a moving train.

However, when Mia drives the GT40 away from the intended destination, he turns on Dominic and Brian, shooting the DEA agents in the process.

He also leads the ambush on Hobbs' convoy, killing most of Hobbs' team before his hit squad is wiped out by Toretto, Brian, and Vince, allowing them, Hobbs, Mia, and Elena to escape.

Towards the end of the film, he is shot and killed by Brian when he tries to kill Dominic. Zizi is portrayed by Michael Irby.

Owen Shaw is a paramilitary-trained criminal mastermind. While trying to escape on the plane with the chip, Dom stops him and Shaw is thrown out as it falls to the ground.

Lin describes him as "an antagonist that's worthy of Dominic Toretto" and "that had the opposite philosophy to Dom.

Dom often goes with trusting his gut, whereas Shaw is more about the analytics where there is no room for weakness. In The Fate of the Furious , Shaw is shown to have fully recovered, and is shown aiding his older brother in saving Dominic's baby son from the terrorist and his former superior Cipher.

Shaw is portrayed by Luke Evans. Originally the role was earmarked for Jason Statham , [13] who would later join the franchise in the sequel as Hattie and Owen's older brother Deckard Shaw.

Magdalene's son. Riley Hicks was a member of Hobbs' team, presumably helping him and Dom's team try to take down Shaw and his team of mercenaries.

However unbeknownst to them, she is actually a double agent that secretly helps Shaw and the others escape custody.

Near the end of the film, Dominic's team and Hobbs discover Riley's true allegiance to Shaw as his second-in-command and lover. She engages in a second fight with Letty aboard the cargo plane and is eventually killed after Letty shoots her out of the plane using a harpoon gun given to her by Hobbs himself.

Riley is portrayed by Gina Carano. Vegh is a female assassin in Shaw's team. She is his right-hand woman and one of the two drivers for the flip cars.

She and Klaus both play an important role in kidnapping Mia. Vegh is killed by Brian by having her crash her car into an airline bumper.

She is portrayed by Clara Paget. Klaus is a body builder and the strongman in Shaw's team, but also a hacker with ease, disabling Tej and Roman cars.

He is the one who kidnapped Mia as leverage so Shaw could be freed. He is knocked out by Dom and Hobbs during a fight aboard the cargo plane and is killed in the plane's fiery crash.

Klaus is portrayed by Kim Kold. Jah is a cold blooded killer in Shaw's team who uses his martial arts and parkour to battle both Han and Roman, beating them up with ease.

He is killed along with Denlinger when Tej rams their vehicle into the cargo plane's crosswind. Jah is portrayed by Joe Taslim.

Denlinger is a member of Shaw's crew, acting mainly as driver and he is a jeep support during the tank heist.

He is killed along with Jah when Tej rams their vehicle into the cargo plane's crosswind. She made her first appearance as Wonder Woman in Batman v.

Superman: Dawn of Justice. She will be starring in the upcoming Wonder Woman film and will reprise the role in the Justice League movie.

Gal Gadot is clearly one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her eyes are utterly beautiful and could put any person in a deep trance.

For every guy, there is that one special girl. The LAPD start closing in on Brian but he meets a woman that gives him a ride.

Minka Kelly portrayed The Girl in the series. She does not appear in any of the films in the franchise. She had a minor role in the short film The Turbo Charged Prelude.

The short film bridged the gap between the events of the first film and the second , 2 Fast 2 Furious. Her breakout role was in the critically acclaimed series Friday Night Lights.

She would go on to appear in the films The Roommate, Searching For Sonny, and The Butler. In , Esquire named her the Sexiest Woman Alive, which is clearly demonstrated in this pic.

Agent Riley Hicks was the former partner of Luke Hobbs with the DSS. She appeared to be helping Hobbs, Dom, and his crew but in fact, she was a devious double agent.

She betrayed Hobbs and was actually romantically linked to Owen Shaw Luke Evans. The beautiful and tough Gina Carano portrayed Agent Riley Hicks in the series.

Gina Carano first made a name for herself in the world of MMA. She is considered a pioneer for women in the sport. She is best known for competing in EliteXC and Strikeforce.

It was the first time in history that women headlined a major MMA event. She retired from MMA to focus on her acting career.

She starred in the film Haywire and appeared as Angel Dust in Deadpool. Gina is both one of the scariest and hottest women alive.

Suki is a skilled driver with excellent abilities.

Fast And Furious 8 Schauspieler Learn more about Amazon Prime. She is best known for competing in Helmut Vorndran and Strikeforce. Archived from the original on November 27, Development. The Fast and the Furious film series was inspired by an article on street racing, "Racer X", that appeared in the May issue of Vibe magazine. Having witnessed his father's death in a stock car race, Dom is left with the responsibility of taking care of his younger sister, Mia Toretto, and leading the racers dependent on him. Her character has appeared in 5 films in the series, including The Fast and the Furious, Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7, and The Fate of the Furious. She also appeared in the short film Los Bandoleros. The always-gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez had her big break with the film Girlfight for which she won the Independent Sprit Award. The Fate of the Furious (alternatively known as F8 and Fast & Furious 8) is a American action film directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Chris is the sequel to Furious 7 () and the eighth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. Tyrese Darnell Gibson was born December 30, in Watts, Los Angeles, California, where he was raised. He is an R&B singer, songwriter, actor, author, television producer and model. He is well known for his actor role as Roman Pearce in the The Fast and Furious movie franchise. Other popular. Megan Ramsey is a hacker and the creator of God's Eye, and a member of Dominic Toretto's Crew. She is a supporting character in Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious. 1 Biography Pre-Movie Furious 7 The Fate of the Furious Fast & Furious 9 2 Characteristics Personality 3 Relationships Family Allies Enemies 4 Gallery Furious 7 The Fate of the Furious

Emily bleibt stehen und sagt zu Maria, dass Black Panther Streaming Ita die Flamme verloren hat. - Vin gedenkt dem verstorbenen Paul Walker

The Scorpion King. 2/3/ · References. The Fast and the Furious Cast and Crew. Crew. Neal H. Moritz • Rob Cohen • John Singleton • Justin Lin • James Wan • F. Gary Gray • Phillip Atwell • Keith Dinielli • Gary Scott Thompson • Erik Bergquist • David Ayer • Michael Brandt • Derek Haas • TJ Mancini • Chris Morgan • David Leitch • Craig Lieberman • Dennis McCarthy • Brian Tyler. Brian O'Conner appears in all of the films in the series except for the third and eighth film, and Los Bandoleros. During the events of The Fast and the Furious, Brian is undercover for an LAPD-FBI task force under the alias Brian Spilner. 10/29/ · Megan Ramsey is a hacker and the creator of God's Eye, and a member of Dominic Toretto's Crew. She is a supporting character in Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious. 1 Biography Pre-Movie Furious 7 The Fate of the Furious Fast & Furious 9 2 Characteristics Personality 3 Relationships Family Allies Enemies 4 Gallery Furious 7 The Fate of the Furious Alias/Nicknames: Hello Kitty, Number 10, Mrs. Parker.


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