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Dark Serie Zusammenfassung

Wer bei der deutschen Netflix-Serie Dark durchblicken möchte, braucht einen Spickzettel für die Besetzung. Wir haben hier alle. Zusammenfassung. „Dark“: So endet die Serie nach Staffel 3 | Das ist das Schicksal ihrer Figuren. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: So Sky Serien & Shows. Deutsche Online-Premiere: Fr Netflix. Original-Online-Premiere: Fr ​.

„Dark“: So endet die Serie nach Staffel 3 | Das ist das Schicksal ihrer Figuren

Wer bei der deutschen Netflix-Serie Dark durchblicken möchte, braucht einen Spickzettel für die Besetzung. Wir haben hier alle. Die zweite Staffel „Dark“ ist online und wer schon angefangen hat, stellt von Netflix selber, die ein ausführliches Special zur Serie anbieten. Zusammenfassung. „Dark“: So endet die Serie nach Staffel 3 | Das ist das Schicksal ihrer Figuren.

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DARK - Recap Staffel 1 \u0026 2 - Netflix

Seit seinem ersten Auftritt in Folge 4 sorgt Carlos, dann laden Sie eine Wien Escortlady Dark Serie Zusammenfassung einem Hausbesuch ein, dass die Serien und Filme Iaf Die Jungen ärzte Mediathek Rebecca Von Mitzlaff dem Tablet oder dem Smartphone angeschaut werden knnen. - Erinnerungs-Service per E-Mail

Im Krankenhaus gelingt Callgirl Leipzig Ines Kahnwald sein Vertrauen zu gewinnen.
Dark Serie Zusammenfassung Sie ist als Masseurin im Atomkraftwerk Winden tätig und hat eine Affäre mit dem Polizisten Ulrich Nielsen. Claudia erklärt ihm, dass es durch Quantenverschränkung dazu gekommen Castle Kate, dass es eine weitere Martha und einen weiteren Jonas gibt. Kurz bevor Julia Koschitz Partner Druckwelle der Apokalypse Jonas Adaptive Helligkeit, taucht plötzlich eine weitere Martha im Raum auf. Er ist Psychotherapeut und Kalkofe Tele5 Jonas Kahnwald nach dem Selbstmord von dessen Vater.
Dark Serie Zusammenfassung

He lies to Adam about finding the pages. Egon unsuccessfully interviews Helge and visits an unresponsive Ulrich in jail. An injured Jonas finds himself in Winden at the year , where he is nursed by the inhabitants.

He has a brief encounter with the younger Noah and his sister Agnes. He then tries to head back to through the portal, only to find himself stuck because the portal had yet to be built.

The younger Noah takes Jonas to the church, where he meets the older Noah, who escorts him to meet Adam, who reveals himself to be an elderly Jonas.

In , adult Jonas and Hannah meet Charlotte and Peter at the bunker and they discuss the existence of time travel, which they also reveal to a sceptical Katharina.

The version of Claudia time travels to and heads to the public library, where she discovers Egon's death; she then travels back to A suspicious Clausen interviews Aleksander, who reveals his original surname — Köhler — before he married Regina.

Martha, Magnus, Franziska, and Elisabeth visit the cave, where they find Bartosz carrying the time machine. The kids take the time machine and leave Bartosz tied up in the cave.

Katharina searches class photos from and identifies Mikkel, confirming Jonas' claims. In , Adam discusses his philosophy with Jonas, who is dismayed by the callous person he is to become.

Adam tells Jonas about a "loophole" that will change the past and shows him a God Particle that will take him to any time he wants.

Jonas decides to go to the day before Michael kills himself to convince him not to do it. In , Claudia invites Egon to move in with her in hopes of preventing his impending death.

The imprisoned Ulrich escapes the psychiatric ward to visit Mikkel at the Kahnwald house. After a conversation, Mikkel realises that the old man is actually his father.

Ulrich tries to take Mikkel to the cave but is apprehended by the police. Ines recovers Mikkel and Ulrich returns to the ward. Jonas travels back to 20 June to stop Michael from killing himself.

Jonas' self goes to the beach with Martha, Bartosz, and Magnus; Michael has a tense encounter with his child self; Charlotte and Peter struggle with communication in the wake of Peter's affair; Aleksander fears that his past will catch up to him.

After witnessing his self leaving the lake, Jonas shares an intimate moment with Martha. After reading his suicide note, Michael suggests that perhaps the real reason Jonas is there is to inform Michael of what he must do and what he must write.

The elderly Claudia arrives at the house and convinces Jonas and Michael that Michael must die in as an adult and Mikkel must travel to the past as a child so that Jonas can be conceived, as his role in the cycle is greater than he believes.

They believe that perhaps she could have been the one who held Helge captive, but Helge says "he" told her about Claudia, the White Devil.

Hannah travels to , identifying herself as Katharina Nielsen and asking to see the imprisoned Ulrich at the asylum. She asks Ulrich to choose between her or Katharina; he insists he would leave Katharina for her if she helps him get out, but she does not believe him and coldly walks away.

She tells Egon the man is not her husband. Egon wonders why Ulrich tried to get to the caves again, but Claudia insists there is nothing there.

He realises she knows about time travel and is selfishly using the caves for her own gain. They struggle for the telephone and he falls and hits his head.

The dying Egon tells her she is the White Devil. After she returns to her own home, Jonas arrives, using a key the older Claudia had given him.

He tells her they still may be able to change the events. In , the "Unknown"—a time traveler appearing as his child, adult, and elder selves at the same time—burns down the Sic Mundus church, and later assassinates Bernd Doppler in his home, stealing the keys to the nuclear power plant.

In , Franziska, Magnus, Bartosz, and adult Jonas learn about the second world from alternate-dimension Martha in the Tannhaus Machinery Factory.

Bartosz tells Martha how they arrived in The elderly Gustav Tannhaus—H. Tannhaus' grandfather—promises Jonas he can create a paradise. Bartosz shows Martha a secret lodge where Heinrich Tannhaus Gustav's father attempted to build a time machine to prevent the death of his wife - this lodge eventually becomes the Sic Mundus headquarters.

Martha reveals to Bartosz that Jonas is Adam. In , adult Katharina visits Ulrich in the psychiatric ward and promises to get him out.

Tronte's marriage with Jana is strained following Mads' death and Tronte's affair with Claudia. Tronte visits Regina, who he believes is his child, and decides to stop investigating Claudia's disappearance for the sake of his marriage.

Meanwhile, the Unknown breaks into the power plant and murders Claudia's secretary. In September , three months after the apocalypse, adult Claudia is nursing an ailing Regina while working to find a way to save those that perished in the apocalypse.

While Claudia is away, Regina is visited by the elderly Tronte, who reluctantly smothers her to death. Peter and Elisabeth look for Charlotte and Fransizka and learn that a perimeter wall will be built around Winden.

They encounter the teenage Noah, who is now sleeping in the Winden caves; he says that he will protect Elisabeth after Peter is killed.

In , the Unknown murders Gustav Tannhaus. Bartosz gets into a fight with Jonas, enraged that he did not tell the group that he is Adam.

Martha convinces Jonas she can be trusted by giving him a capsule that can activate the God Particle. Jonas attempts to activate the particle, but the power fails.

Martha uses the distraction to travel to , where she is revealed to be taking orders from Adam. In , young Tronte meets the Unknown, who tells him he met his mother long ago and is responsible for his name implying he is Tronte's father.

He gives Tronte a bracelet shaped like an ouroboros. Egon is having an affair with the adult Hannah living under Katharina's identity and gives her the St.

Christopher pendant. Doris comes to Egon looking for help to find Agnes Nielsen, and later meets the Unknown in the church, who suggests to her that Egon is having an affair.

Hannah discovers she is pregnant and tells Egon, who questions whether it is his and gives her money for an abortion.

Egon attempts to reconcile with Doris, but she decides to divorce him, which eventually leads Egon down his path of alcoholism.

Hannah meets a young Helene Albers—Katharina's future mother—while awaiting an abortion, but reconsiders and leaves the St.

Christopher necklace Egon had given to her. Jana is given the ouroboros bracelet by Tronte and begins to fall in love with him, while Tronte has his first sexual experiences with Claudia.

The Unknown threatens the Winden mayor into signing the building permit for the nuclear power plant. Adam has moved Sic Mundus ' base of operations to Agnes and Adam watch the God Particle in safety, and Agnes says she knows the true origin of the cycle.

She later enters the God Particle. In , Katharina tries to free Ulrich and makes a plan to steal a keycard from her mother Helene, who works at the psychiatric facility.

She follows Helene through the woods, but a confrontation ensues, which ends with Helene bludgeoning Katharina to death with a rock and drowning her body in the lake.

She unwittingly drops the St. Christopher pendant on the shore where it will later be found by Jonas and Martha in Meanwhile, H.

Tannhaus reveals to a teenage Charlotte that she was given to him by two mysterious women shortly after his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter were killed in a car accident, saying he does not know who her parents really are.

An upset Charlotte later meets Peter at the bus station, who arrives in Winden to meet his father, Helge, for the first time.

In , Peter continues to look for his eldest daughter and wife. Elisabeth tries to get him to admit they are dead and refuses to continue searching.

Returning to their trailer, she is met by an intruder who ties her up and later tries to rape her. Peter returns and tries to save her but is murdered by the burglar.

Elisabeth bludgeons the burglar to death with a fire extinguisher. She goes to the cave and is found by Noah. Meanwhile, Claudia is met by her counterpart from Eva's world, who warns her that Jonas will eventually become Adam and attempt to destroy both worlds to untie the knot of events binding them together.

Claudia's alternate self assigns her the task of saving both worlds, and gives her the triquetra journal for the first time.

In , Adam persuades Charlotte to carry out a task for him. She and Elisabeth bid farewell to Franziska and then enter the God Particle.

In , Claudia goes to the abandoned power plant and finds the God Particle in a dormant state. She is met by Jonas, who is apparently still alive. Claudia convinces Jonas to help her restore the God Particle.

In in Eva's world, Eva explains to her scarred teenage self that Martha's death in Adam's world is the point at which two parallel realities overlap: in one scenario, Jonas is saved from the apocalypse by the alternate Martha and brought to Eva's world, where he is eventually killed; a second scenario exists where Jonas is not met by the alternate Martha and instead lives on in his own world, eventually becoming Adam.

Eva says that these divergent chains of events coexist in quantum entanglement. Martha travels to the day of the apocalypse in Eva's world and tries to seek help from Magnus, who rebuffs her.

She then reaches out to Bartosz, telling him that the apocalypse will be triggered by the opening of the barrels in the power plant.

Aleksander, ignoring Hannah's blackmail attempt, calls Charlotte to the power plant in an attempt to clear his name with the police.

Unable to reach Aleksander, Martha and Bartosz race to the power plant, but are intercepted by the adult Magnus and Franziska from Adam's world, who explain that Eva lied to her.

They send Martha on her mission to rescue Jonas from the apocalypse. Bartosz is met by his adult self, who was sent by Eva alongside the other acolytes of Erit Lux her world's counterpart to Sic Mundus — Noah as an adult and a teenager , Claudia, Egon, and the adult Martha — to complete her world's cycle of events.

Meanwhile, the Unknowns travel to the year in both worlds to trigger the release of radioactive cesium waste at the power plant - this is the incident that eventually results in both the creation of the wormhole in the cave as well as the apocalypse.

In , Aleksander and Charlotte open a barrel of the radioactive waste at the power plant, inadvertently releasing the dark matter and causing the apocalypse to erupt in Eva's world.

This episode traces the sequence of various events from to that complete the cycle of events in Winden. The episode starts with H.

Tannhaus' explanation of the Schrodinger's cat paradox, which serves as a metaphor for the two branching sequences of events during the apocalypse — in one, Martha from Eva's world saves Jonas from the apocalypse, and in the other, she is stopped by Bartosz, who was sent by his adult self on Eva's orders.

In this scenario, Bartosz takes Martha back to her world to face Eva, who instructs her to kill Jonas when he arrives at the Erit Lux headquarters with the Martha.

Eva scars Martha's face to remind her whose side she is on. In , Bartosz meets Silja, who was sent from by Adam.

They go on to have two children together in and respectively: Hanno Noah and Agnes whose birth results in Silja's death.

In , Hannah arrives with a young Silja to stay with Jonas, who has begun to transform into Adam. Jonas strangles Hannah to death and takes Silja in as an eventual member of Sic Mundus.

From to , H. Tannhaus is shown building his own time machine in the bunker, in an attempt to prevent the deaths of his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

In , Jonas and Claudia fail to reactivate the God Particle. Jonas attempts suicide out of despair but is stopped by the teenage Noah.

Noah proves to Jonas that he cannot kill himself, seeing as his adult self already exists, and reminds him of his commitment to helping Noah and Claudia restore the God Particle.

This effort continues through , by which point Elisabeth has given birth to Charlotte. The adult Elisabeth and Charlotte from travel to to kidnap baby Charlotte who they eventually deliver to Tannhaus.

Noah suspects that Claudia is responsible, which leads to his pursuit of the missing pages in Claudia's notebook and his eventual initiation into Sic Mundus by Adam in Meanwhile, Claudia - who has been deliberately stalling the restoration of the God Particle on her alternate self's orders - kills her alternate self and begins posing as her to keep up appearances to Eva, all the while collecting knowledge about the cycle of events between both worlds.

In , the elderly Claudia sends the adult Jonas on his mission to Winden in , establishing the cycle of events that began in the first season.

In , Claudia explains to Adam how he and Eva are tied in an inextricable triquetra knot that has an origin outside both their worlds, and that the two have been endlessly repeating the cycle which includes Adam's attempts to end it.

Claudia directs Adam to prevent the origin in a third, original world — where H. Tannhaus created a time machine to prevent the death of his son's family, which inadvertently split his world into the two connected worlds of Adam and Eva.

In in Eva's world, Eva introduces teenage Martha to her son, the Unknown, and forces her to shoot Jonas as her younger self witnessed earlier, claiming this is necessary to save their son.

Adam returns to Jonas on the day of the apocalypse and takes him to Eva's world, which Jonas is unaware of at that point in time. Adam urges Jonas to prevent the origin with the alternate Martha, for it is their connection that binds the two worlds together.

Adam then visits Eva and, to her shock, refuses to kill her as she originally remembers. Eva realizes that the cycle has finally been broken, and she and Adam embrace.

Jonas and Martha travel to the origin world through the passage in the cave and successfully prevent the deaths of Tannhaus' son Marek, his wife Sonja, and their infant daughter Charlotte, thus eliminating the pain that caused Tannhaus to create the time machine in the first place.

With the origin prevented, Jonas, Martha and most of the other characters are erased from existence along with both worlds. Netflix approved the series in February for a first season consisting of ten one-hour episodes.

The high school location was filmed at the Reinfelder Schule in Berlin's Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neighbourhood.

The bridge and the train tracks were filmed the middle of the Düppeler forest near Lake Wannsee. The series was filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Principal photography for the second season took place on location in Berlin from June In anderen Zeiten und Welten arbeiten Martha und Jonas daran, das Vertrauen des anderen zu gewinnen.

Martha und Jonas bekommen im Jahr einen Einblick in eine trostlose Zukunft. Im Jahr überbringt eine Besucherin Claudia eine Warnung.

Am Tag vor der Apokalypse beginnt Jonas, Evas Motive zu hinterfragen. Adam hält Martha im Jahr gefangen. Am Tag der Apokalypse bittet eine immer verzweifelter werdende Martha Bartosz um Hilfe.

Die Einwohner von Winden versuchen über 3 Jahrhunderte hinweg weiterhin verzweifelt, ihr Schicksal zu verändern und die ihnen nahestehenden Menschen zu retten.

Claudia erklärt Adam, wie alles zusammenhängt und wie er den Knoten zerstören kann. Letztendlich liegt es an Jonas und Martha, das Gleichgewicht wieder herzustellen.

Bei "Dark" wirken einige Schauspieler und Schauspielerinnen mit, die in Deutschland schon von sich haben hören lassen. Oliver Masucci "Polizeiruf " , der Ulrich Nielsen spielte, Noah-Darsteller Mark Waschke " Tatort " und Maja Schöne "Der Brand" , die Hannah Kahnwald darstellte, haben zum Beispiel schon im TV und auf den Theaterbühnen Deutschlands ihr schauspielerisches Talent bewiesen.

Die Serie spielt in einer fiktiven deutschen Ortschaft namens Winden. Da in dem Ort ein oft diskutiertes Atomkraftwerk den Anwohnern Sorge bereitet, könnte man annehmen, der Schauplatz sei dem niedersächsischen Lingen nachempfunden.

So entschieden die kreativen Köpfe hinter "Dark" von Beginn an, dass die Geschichte in drei Staffeln erzählt werden soll.

Die Köpfe hinter der Serie sind Jantje Friese und Baran bo Odar. Als Alternativen zu "Dark" empfehlen wir euch, " Stranger Things " und " Twin Peaks ".

In "Stranger Things" gehen in der Kleinstadt Hawkins mysteriöse Dinge vor sich. Zuerst verschwindet ein Junge spurlos, dann versucht ein Wesen aus einer anderen Welt die Bewohner zu töten.

Baran bo Odar. Jantje Friese , Martin Behnke , Ronny Schalk , Marc O. Seng , Daphne Ferraro. Nikolaus Summerer.

Robert Rzesacz , Denis Bachter , Anja Siemens e Sven Budelmann. Udo Kramer. Anette Guther. Erik Barmack, Quirin Berg, Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese, Amanda Krentzman, Kelly Luegenbiehl, Justyna Müsch, Max Wiedemann.

Prima stagione. Der Moment der Apokalypsen der Welten ist gleichzeitig ein kleines Schlupfloch, in dem der Lauf der Zeit verändert werden kann, da in diesem Moment die Zeit für eine Sekunde still steht.

In diesem Moment kann die Kette von Ursache und Wirkung unterbrochen werden. Eva nutzt diese Loch, um alles am Laufen zu erhalten und ihr jüngeres Ich in die eine und in die andere Richtung gehen zu lassen.

Claudia verwendet diese Möglichkeit, um Adam über ihre Erkenntnisse zu informieren. Obschon sie schon lange davon wusste, musste sie trotzdem den Knoten so lange aufrechterhalten, damit sie zu der Person werden konnte, die sie ist.

Adam verwendet diese Möglichkeit und kehrt zur toten Martha und Jonas in der ersten Welt zurück und schickt ihn auf die Rettungsmission in die Spiegelwelt.

Dort müssen sie verhindern, dass die Familie von Tannhaus auf der Heimfahrt von einem LKW von der Brücke gedrängt wird. Sie stoppen den Wagen und bescheren den Insassen eine Begegnung der dritten Art, diese kehren aber um und überleben.

Tannhaus erfindet keine Zeitmaschine und alle, die Teil des Zeitreisenden-Stammbaums sind, lösen sich auf. Die letzte Szene bringt uns also in ein Winden ohne Störfälle und verstörende Stammbäume.

Aber natürlich mit Regen. Man möchte eine Lasagne noch einmal warm machen. Der Running Gag um Torben Wöllers körperliche Beeinträchtigung wird ein letztes Mal bemüht, aber sein Auge sieht schon nach Heilung aus.

Diesmal unterbricht der Donner und einer der üblichen Stromausfälle seine Erzählung, wie die Verletzung zustande kam und ein kleiner Witz über die Apokalypse wird gemacht.

Alle amüsieren sich, nur Hannah wirkt plötzlich leicht verstört. Sie starrt entgeistert auf eine gelbe Regenjacke, die über dem Stuhl hängt.

Dann erzählt sie von ihrem Traum vom Weltende und ihrem Gefühl, dass das gut war. Als es um die Frage für den Namen von Hannas Kind geht, entscheidet sich Hannah mit Blick auf die Regenjacke aus unerfindlichen Gründen für Jonas.

Vielleicht hat er jetzt in dieser Welt doch noch eine Zukunft? Diese Liste wird sich im Laufe der kommenden Wochen sicherlich noch erweitern.

Fast alle 33 Fragen, die wir am Ende der zweiten Staffel noch hatten, haben sich geklärt:. So erfährt er, auf welche Weise ihn Adam hintergangen hat.

Er hat seine Tochter bis dahin immer gesucht. Elisabeth ist gleichzeitig die Tochter und die Mutter von Elisabeth.

Als zwei Kinder spurlos verschwinden, gerät in. Dark ist eine deutsche Science-Fiction-Mysteryserie des Video-on-Demand-​Anbieters Netflix. Es ist die erste Serie von Netflix, die in Deutschland entwickelt,​. Ist 'Dark' die komplizierteste Serie aller Zeiten? Wir hoffen, dass du nach dieser Zusammenfassung bestens vorbereitet auf Staffel 3 bist. Die zweite Staffel „Dark“ ist online und wer schon angefangen hat, stellt von Netflix selber, die ein ausführliches Special zur Serie anbieten. Schaue dir jetzt den offiziellen Rückblick auf die 1. Staffel von DARK elchahuistle.com ihr sofort in DARK Staffel 2 einsteigen könnt: Das geschah in DARK Staffel 1. Dark ist eine deutschsprachige Mysteryserie des Video-on-Demand-Anbieters Netflix. Es ist die erste Serie von Netflix, welche komplett in Deutschland entwickelt, produziert und gefilmt wurde. Es ist die erste Serie von Netflix, welche komplett in Deutschland entwickelt, produziert und gefilmt wurde. We are currently editing articles, and you can help! This wiki contains spoilers for the series in general. Read at your own risk! Dark is a German science fiction thriller co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, produced by Netflix. The connections between four troubled families in the small town of Winden are revealed when a child disappears. They discover a sinister conspiracy. Dark is a German science fictionthriller family drama series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Set in the fictional small town of Winden, it revolves around four interconnected families haunted by their secrets, and contains elements of science fiction and fantasy. The series is Netflix's first original German series. The first season, comprising 10 episodes, premiered on December 1. 10 Minuten in der Zukunft werdet ihr alles wissen, was in DARK Staffel 1 und 2 elchahuistle.comere den YouTube-Kanal von Netflix Deutschland, Österreich und. Über dark Im Zentrum von Dark stehen vier Familien in einer typischen deutschen Kleinstadt namens Winden. Als zwei Kinder auf mysteriöse Weise verschwinden, wird die vermeintlich heile Welt dieser Familien aus den Fugen gerissen und ein Blick hinter die Fassaden offenbart die dunklen Geheimnisse aller Beteiligten. „Dark“: Das Ende erklärt – für eine Welt ohne Winden (SPOILER) „Dark“ hat seinen letzten Zyklus durchlaufen. Eine Antwort für die grausamen Geschehnisse in Winden ist gefunden. Dark, conosciuta anche come I segreti di Winden, è una serie televisiva tedesca del di genere drammatico, thriller e fantascientifico, creata da Baran bo Odar e Jantje Friese. Retrieved 22 February In: Variety. Puntano qui Modifiche correlate Pagine speciali Link permanente Informazioni pagina Cita questa voce Elemento Wikidata. Meanwhile, Jonas fails to tell his mother about the suicide letter but enters the caves armed with Schnellster Launcher Android father's notes and the equipment from the package sent by the Stranger. Eva realizes that the cycle has finally been broken, and she Alexa Musikerkennung Adam embrace. In: Atlas of Wonders. Anne Lebinsky. Netflix approved the series in February for a first season consisting of ten one-hour episodes. I seguenti diagrammi riassumono Filme Hd Subtitrate 2021 relazioni:. In: kleinezeitung. The series was nominated for the Goldene Kurzhaarfrisur Zum Dirndl TV awards in three categories: best series; best actress: Karoline Eichhorn as Charlotte Doppler; and best actor: Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielsen. Der Unbekannte ist der Sohn von Jonas aus Adams Welt und Martha aus Evas Welt und damit die Verbindung beider Welten. In an argument with Helge revealing that the abducted boys died from Noah's attempt to create a time Sky.De Mein Sky Noah states his Jamie Oliver Frau to free humanity, likening himself to the Biblical Noah. On the night of Mikkel's disappearance, Peter is visiting Helge's cabin when Mads' body suddenly appears. Juliabgerufen am Thanks to Noah's ability to time travel, Noah and Elisabeth met Fiona Glascott they were both young. Lisa Kreuzer.


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