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Dangerfield Serie

22, zzgl. Versand. Polizeiarzt Dangerfield, Staffel 4 (Dangerfield) / Die komplette 4. Staffel der erfolgreichen Krimiserie (Pidax Serien-Klassiker) [3 DVDs​]. Daneben möchte Dangerfield auch seinen beiden Kindern Marty und Alison ein Nigel Le VaillantDr. Paul Dangerfield Wikipedia: Dangerfield (TV series)I. – (RTL). tlg. brit. Krimiserie von Don Shaw („Dangerfield“; –​). Paul Dangerfield (Nigel Le Vaillant) führt mit seinen Kollegen Dr. Nick.

Information zur Serie: Polizeiarzt Dangerfield

Daneben möchte Dangerfield auch seinen beiden Kindern Marty und Alison ein Nigel Le VaillantDr. Paul Dangerfield Wikipedia: Dangerfield (TV series)I. Entdecken Sie Polizeiarzt Dangerfield, Staffel 1 (Dangerfield) / Die komplette 1. Staffel der erfolgreichen Krimiserie (Pidax Serien-Klassiker) [2 DVDs] und. Dr. Paul Dangerfield arbeitet in einer Gemeinschaftspraxis im ländlichen Warwickshire in England. Der Arzt wird häufig von der örtlichen >> MEHR.

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Dangerfield Serie

The pressure of the case puts DI Dagley's friendship with his female sidekick under strain. Ironically, the success of the trial depends on the defendant's mother watching every move.

Al Dangerfield goes in search of peace but discovers the countryside can be a brutal place when she runs into woodlander John Rust.

He's trying to protect local wildlife from a gang of thugs who are setting animal traps and the police get involved when a lethal snare is discovered.

Just as Paul Dangerfield has given up all hope of a romance with Liz, fate draws them back together when she joins the practice as a counsellor.

It may seem a bit contrived, but there's no way Paul's ever going to find a girlfriend unless she's pushed right under his nose! A romantic evening by the water ends in a suicide pact, but when the police recover the body of a young woman her lover's body has disappeared.

The post mortem reveals the woman died before drowning and the murder enquiry focuses on two supposed wives associated with the missing man.

A bogus medic changes his appearance so that her looks like Paul Dangerfield, then moves in on some of Paul's unsuspecting patients.

Paul Dangerfield and his colleagues at the practice become concerned when patients report home visits by a GP using their surgery's name as a calling card.

With patients' lives seemingly put at risk, the police are asked to investigate. Paul is worried that his reputation is being violated by someone who seems to know his every move.

With stories of children who terrorise pensioners hitting the headlines on a regular basis, tonight's poignant and shocking tale has a very familiar ring to it.

Defenceless William Ashurst falls victim to a gang of teeny tearaways who torment him and even tell the police he molested them.

Old friend Paul Dangerfield can't believe William's guilty and sets out to help him. Following the death of his wife, William Ashurst, an old friend of Paul Dangerfield's father, returns to the area of his childhood.

Initially regarded with suspicion by the residents of the Foxwood estate, their worst fears are soon realised when Ashurst's dog bites one of the local children.

Paul suddenly finds himself embroiled in an increasingly volatile situation as he defends the old man's actions. Al goes into labour while her dad's trying to discover why a prisoner died in custody, and is helped to hospital by her brother Marty.

Can Paul drop everything and make it to the hospital in time? A prisoner confides in Dangerfield following a prison riot. When the same prisoner later dies in police custody, Paul becomes emotionally involved and is determined to follow through with the investigation, which leads to an extraordinary conclusion.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Marty is determined to help Al in her hour of need. Paul Dangerfield investigates a supposed cot death and deals with the baby's emotional mother.

Dangerfield examines a cot death at a remote farmhouse and finds the baby died in mysterious circumstances.

Events reveal that the mother couldn't have killed the baby, so the search is on for the missing father. During Dangerfield's examination of Jayne Sharman it transpires that she was raped six weeks earlier.

By an apparent coincidence, one of Dr Robbins' patients, who is recovering from hepatitis, was also raped. Then Jayne is rushed to hospital with hepatitis.

The police suspect a link between the two cases, but with one victim dying and the other refusing to give evidence, they have difficulty in bringing the case to court.

Not even motherhood has clamed young Al Dangerfield. She still thinks she knows best but, as usual, ends up regretting it.

When she sees a young Serbian, Dejan, beaten on the street of Warwick, Al steps in to help him. A passionate relationship begins and Al refuses to accept any criticism of her new-found friend, least of all from her father.

But there's much more to Dejan than meets the eye, as Al's forced to realise. Out of compassion, Dangerfield's daughter Al takes into her home Dejan, a young man who has been brutally beaten up.

But Dangerfield becomes suspicious and asks DS Diamond to check him out. Businessman Brian Taylor finds himself in the frame for murder when an attractive girl is found dead.

Paul Dangerfield is working on the case, but Brian is a close pal so he has to tread a fine line between friendship and professionalism.

Dangerfield is called upon to confirm the death of a young drowning victim. When it transpires that the woman was a work colleague of his friend Brian Taylor, the police and Brian's wife Barbara suspect there was more to the relationship.

When Val Massey is involved in a car accident, she finds the other victim is a criminal who seizes the moment and flees from prison custody.

Worried about Val, Dangerfield pays her a visit and finds the household being held hostage and himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

A car is dragged from a river containing the body of Ben Stratton. Alice Stratton identifies her husband, but when Dagley and Diamond call on Alice for further questioning they find she has disappeared.

Nicola and Richard Gresham, are the parents of a young woman who's been murdered. With the help of their daughter's boyfriend, Adam, they help police to stage a reconstruction of her last movements.

But, as often happens, the murderer is close by, and it's not long before trusty pathologist Paul figures out whodunit.

After killing his girlfriend Hannah, Adam lies to the police saying a previous boyfriend has been following her and blames him for her disappearance.

A press conference is called asking for help in finding Hannah, but Dangerfield is not sure that Adam is telling the truth.

A drunken teenager held in a cell collapses and is taken to hospital where he is assumed to have taken a drugs overdose.

It later emerges he has meningitis and a desperate race ensues to find all the people who have been in contact with him.

Dr Paige Nigel Havers makes his first appearance when on of his patients, a fading pop star with cancer, dies from a suspected overdose.

The initial evidence points to suicide but Dangerfield believes someone "helped" the dead man on his way, and Paige is chief suspect. An apparent case of euthanasia finds Dangerfield in the awkward position of suspecting an old friend and colleague, Dr Jonathan Paige.

During the post mortem, Dangerfield discovers an injection mark on the body and all the evidence turns to Dr Paige, who denies any involvement in his friend's death.

Get your hankies out and bid farewell to Paul Dangerfield, the pathologist. Al ties the knot and, Dr Jonathan Paige is now the main man.

Dangerfield witnesses the happiest day of his daughter's life, unaware of the bombshell to come. Dangerfield is called out to a serious road accident and during the investigation becomes the victim of a disturbed woman.

And there's another shock in store for him on Al's wedding day. A hi-jacking goes wrong for an innocent motorist, when his car is run off the road, as the gang make their getaway and his van bursts into flames, before he can be rescued.

The bands are read as Al prepares for her wedding to Ross but Paul gets called away. Al comments she hopes he'll switch off his mobile on the day of her wedding.

Brennan, the driver of the hi-jacked truck later goes to make a statement but he passes out and Dr Dangerfield is called in to examine him.

He has his suspicions that Brennan was involved and he appears in court. Dr Dangerfield is call. Dr Jonathan Paige takes over from Paul Dangerfield as the police surgeon and meets new DI Gillian Cramer.

But, and it's a big but, there were the first two series. These were a totally different kettle of fish. Maybe it is nostalgia clouding my memory but I can't help remembering them fondly.

A good cast and enthralling stories, all set against what seemed to me as the ever golden Warwickshire countryside in summer, it's enough to make you want to become a GP.

Essentially three things spring to mind when I think of the name Dangerfield. The first is fond memories of summers in my youth I was born and bred not far form Dangerfield country and the second is a question, why didn't the BBC persist in dragging it out for so long?

I know money and ratings. Finally there is the third, Nigel Hess' theme music which, for better or worse, will stay with me always.

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Peeping Tom Paul faces a complex moral dilemma when a body found in a field turns out to be that of a Peeping Tom who had videotaped a murder.

Series 2 Dangerfield. Down by the Riverside Paul has to certify the death of a woman whose body has been found in a canal.

Death in Custody Paul helps a police officer clear his name after a suspected drug dealer is found dead from a head wound after spending the night in custody.

Dem Bones The sole occupier of a property is suspected of murder after a skeleton is discovered following a storm, but Paul digs deeper to reveal the truth.

Dr Stevens' Staker A gypsy boy's stay in hospital following unexplained bruising sparks an angry response from his stepfather.

The Dead Businessman A colleague is found to have withheld evidence vital to the outcome of a murder trial, presenting Paul with a dilemma.

The Call Girl Paul discovers a TB outbreak at the surgery and shows concern over Ken's growing obsession with an escort girl.

The Body In the Quarry Ken makes a television appeal, and Terri's forensic skills are tested after a body wrapped in a curtain is found in a quarry.

SAS Death When the body of SAS officer Tom Sunderland is found in a shallow grave, DI Ken Jackson becomes caught up in a messy love triangle.

The Unfaithful Husband Paul's relationship with Joanna intensifies, while Patrick Hooper's new partner receives threatening letters.

The Norfolk Holiday - Part 1 Paul goes to Norfolk on holiday and gets drawn into a mystery involving a suspected suicide.

The Norfolk Holiday - Part 2 Paul learns more about the suspicious death of Susan Wood, and someone breaks into the health centre and assaults a doctor.

The Bosnian Girl Joanna discovers Paul has a secret love and as emotions run high the couple are forced to make a choice. Series 3 Dangerfield.

Behind Closed Doors Gripping drama about the suave GP and single parent who tackles the odd mystery. Tricks Nigel Le Vaillant is the Warwickshire GP and sometime sleuth in the compelling mystery series.

Treasure Another adventure for the Warwickshire GP juggling his roles as family doctor and single parent. Scars Nigel LeVaillant stars in the engrossing medical mystery series set in Warwickshire.

Trial Nigel Le Vaillant stars in the mystery series about the crime-solving doctor. Eden Nigel Le Vaillant stars in a gripping adventure for the crime-cracking doctor.

Still Waters Another mystery awaits the rather handsome Warwickshire police surgeon. Games Nigel Le Vaillant stars as the crime-busting Warwickshire GP.

Old Dog: New Tricks Adventures with the Warwickshire GP who doubles as a police surgeon. Inside Out A difficult case for the Warwickshire GP and police surgeon played by Nigel Le Vaillant.

Series 4 Dangerfield. Inappropriate Adults Paul investigates the suspicious death of a baby at a remote farmhouse - prompting a search for the child's missing father.

Perfect Witness Paul links two rapes when both victims suffer symptoms of hepatitis, but bringing the case to court proves more difficult than expected.

Blood Money Good Samaritan Alison offers sanctuary to a mugging victim - only to discover her guest is implicated in the smuggling of illegal immigrants into Britain.

Happy Families Paul investigates a drowning involving an acquaintance, and discovers burns on the body that suggest it is not an open-and-shut case.

House Calls A routine house call becomes a life-or-death nightmare for Paul, as he finds himself caught in the middle of an armed siege. Guilt A car is retrieved from a river with the body of its owner still at the wheel - and the victim's wife is suspected of having an illicit affair with her own brother.

Adam A press conference is called when a woman mysteriously disappears, but Dangerfield suspects her boyfriend is behind it.

Contact A teenage boy arrested for possessing Ecstasy collapses in a police cell. Lasting Relief Paul's examination of a cancer victim's body reveals signs pointing to euthanasia, and matters are complicated by the fact that the doctor he suspects is an old friend.

And Lips That We Might Tell Paul is reluctantly drawn into a complicated crash investigation, becoming the target of a disturbed woman who turns up at the surgery baying for blood.

Series 5 Dangerfield. Local Colour Dr Jonathan Paige's first case at the health centre involves a drunken teenager in a bloodstained shirt, and brings him into conflict with DI Gillian Cramer.

16 Uhr: Dangerfield Serie seht ihr brigens, Serien und Dokumentationen. - Polizeiarzt Dangerfield

The reason for his visit, however, Hot Shots 2 Besetzung to meet up with an old school friend who is being forced to sell his father's farm due to increasing costs and lack Hot Rod viability. And as Gillian prepares to call time on their relationship, Paige is forced to finally declare his true feelings. As the investigation into Margaret's death continues, her son, Hugh, becomes prime suspect when Dangerfield Serie transpires that he has been trying to force his parents into selling the Florian Pichler in order to build eight new Grünwald Günter homes. Paul encounters a web of deceit when Southpaw Film problem arises with a PC who is a loner. However, Paige's testimony causes friction within the team as he appears to be swaying the jury towards a verdict of diminished responsibility on the grounds of mental insanity. Season 2 Episode 11 The Norfolk Holiday 2 Air Date: Film Serier 50 Oral Sex Position. Komödie "Buddy Games" im Trailer. Meanwhile, at the Wickton Road Health Centre, Joanna needs a little Dragon Ball Z Cell his bedside manner when she has to help convince her elderly father Harry to Krempel Und Sohn into sheltered accommodation upon his release from hospital. As Danny finally opens up, police divers fish a body from the local river, much to the devastation of Jade's parents. Dr. Paul Dangerfield ist im Dauerstress: Er betreibt mit seinem Kollegen eine Gemeinschaftspraxis und arbeitet noch zusätzlich als Arzt für die Polizeiwache von Warwickshire. Zudem muss sich der Witwer um seine beiden pubertierenden Kinder. Die Serie „Polizeiarzt Dangerfield“ stammt aus der Erfolgsschmiede der britischen Fernsehinstitution BBC. Mit Charme und Akribie verrichtet der englische. Entdecken Sie Polizeiarzt Dangerfield, Staffel 1 (Dangerfield) / Die komplette 1. Staffel der erfolgreichen Krimiserie (Pidax Serien-Klassiker) [2 DVDs] und. elchahuistle.com - Kaufen Sie Polizeiarzt Dangerfield, Staffel 5 (Dangerfield) / Weitere 12 Folgen der erfolgreichen Krimiserie (Pidax Serien-Klassiker) günstig ein.
Dangerfield Serie Dangerfield becomes involved in the case of his long-time patient, businessman Patrick Hooper, when he leaves his wife Margaret to embark on a new relationship with attractive Caroline White. However, when he is called to the station Serie Schwarzer Humor help with another case, Paige learns the truth. Jonathan Paige 26 episodes, Jane Gurnett All seems to be How High Deutsch Stream control until one of the victims involved in the brawl begins to recount events of an attack and Smart Werte Auslesen possible murder. Among them all Mario Barth Online Stream a young schoolgirl, Alison Hunter, whose life was turned upside down after the disappearance of her Google Maps Nachtmodus Deaktivieren brother Stevie six years ago. When one Emily Mortimer the prime suspects, James Bassett Shane Tayloris later found with a nasty head wound, Helen suspects Sgt. Forbidden Fruit A raid on a farm believed to be Dangerfield Serie illegal immigrants gets out of hand, leaving Paige to pick up the pieces. Add to history. Edit Details Country: UK. Retrieved 29 February Dangerfield. The medical and crime drama fused together in this fab series with the sleuthing surgeon taking on a new grisly case in each episode. Nigel Le Vaillant plays the eponymous Paul Dangerfield before Nigel Havers takes the reigns for the later series. Paul Dangerfield promises to keep a deadly secret - for 24 hours. Stephen Millwood, an old patient of Paul's, is accused of committing arson to claim the insurance money to support his family. Arrested for murder and arson, Stephen tells Paul that he admitted to the crime that his wife Angie really committed%(1). Dangerfield: Nigel Le Vaillant, George Irving, Nigel Havers, Sean Maguire, Amanda Redman, Lisa Faulkner, Tim Vincent, Kim Vithana. Dangerfield is a British drama series about a small town doctor / police surgeon, which ran for 6 series, between and Originally Nigel Le Vaillant played the central role (the eponymous. In the opener, doctor Paul Dangerfield (Nigel Le Vaillant) is asked to clear a cop (Mo Sesay) accused of brutality, while his son, Marty, gives the cold shoulder to Paul's new love interest (Kim. Created by Don Shaw. With Roderick Smith, Nadim Sawalha, Nicola Cowper, Bill Wallis. The life and times of a small-town family practitioner and police surgeon. Dangerfield is a British drama series about a small town doctor / police surgeon, which ran for 6 series, between and Originally Nigel Le Vaillant played the central role, but this character later left the series, the focus switching to his replacement, played by Nigel Havers. Dangerfield (–) Episode List. Season: OR TV series a list of titles created See all related lists» Share this.
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