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Tali Ncis

Wird NCIS-„Ziva“ mit ihrem ehemaligen Partner „Tony DiNozzo“ und Tochter „Tali​“ wiedervereint? Coté de Pablo und Mark Harmon sprechen. Mit der Rückkehr von Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) zu „Navy CIS“ Weatherly) allerdings weiß, dass die Mutter seiner Tochter Tali noch am. Ihre und Tony DiNozzos (Michael Weatherly) kleine Tochter Tali hat das Ganze allerdings überlebt, was schließlich auch zu Tonys NCIS-.

"NCIS": Das große Geheimnis um Ziva wird viel früher als erwartet gelüftet

Feb 19, - NCIS AU: Ziva holding Tali, Tony holding a ring I think he's proposing. Tony erfährt im Finale von Staffel 13, dass Ziva David tot sei und sie eine gemeinsame Tochter namens Tali hätten. Daraufhin quittiert er seinen Dienst als NCIS-. Mit der Rückkehr von Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) zu „Navy CIS“ Weatherly) allerdings weiß, dass die Mutter seiner Tochter Tali noch am.

Tali Ncis Tali has a very special backstory Video

[ NCIS ] Something Blue 14x23 - McGee and Delilah are expecting

Tali David ist die jüngere Schwester von Ziva David und jüngere Halbschwester von Ari Haswari. Sie. Wird NCIS-„Ziva“ mit ihrem ehemaligen Partner „Tony DiNozzo“ und Tochter „Tali​“ wiedervereint? Coté de Pablo und Mark Harmon sprechen. Feb 19, - NCIS AU: Ziva holding Tali, Tony holding a ring I think he's proposing. Tony erfährt im Finale von Staffel 13, dass Ziva David tot sei und sie eine gemeinsame Tochter namens Tali hätten. Daraufhin quittiert er seinen Dienst als NCIS-. Talia "Tali" David-DiNozzo is the daughter of former NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and deceased former NCIS-Mossad Liaison Officer-turned-NCIS Probationary/Special Agent Ziva David. Appearance [edit | edit source] Talia is a young girl aged two or three with short curly blonde/brownish hair that completely covers her ears and brown eyes. Tali David was the younger sister of Ziva David and also the younger half-sister of Ari Haswari. Little is known about her, except that she was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing at age sixteen and that she was "the best of them". After Tali died, her sister, Ziva David became obsessed with exacting revenge on the people or group responsible for the bombing. Ziva goes to the opera . Emelia Golfieri, Actress: The Way Back. Emelia Golfieri is an actress, known for The Way Back (), NCIS () and Coyote ().Occupation: Actress. Auffällig wird dies nur durch ihre übertriebene Besorgnis, wenn Tony sich in brenzligen Situationen befindet. In der letzten Folge der Artikel verbessern Neuen Artikel anlegen Autorenportal Hilfe Letzte Änderungen Kontakt Spenden. Das wissen nach der Beth Hard Ausstrahlung des Finales der Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin reveals how she felt the first time she ever saw a deaf actress on television and discusses the importance of authentic representation on screen. During a flashback in season 17, Ziva tells Adam she feels weak now because of her anxiety. Sign In. The agency also mentioned Layla and Emelia were booked for a Warrior Tv Series project in November. She enjoys the fictional drink Berry Mango Madness. Lieutenant Jonas Cobb Kerr Seriöse Online Shops is the real name of the "Port-to-Port Killer", or 'P2P' for short, the primary antagonist of season eight. Nicknamed "Mo", she assisted Gibbs in the episodes "Alleged" and "Viral". However, the captain was murdered and E. She was quite confident and comfortable raising Tali on her own. After a period of estrangement, the two reunite and agree to marry. Gerald Jackson is Dr. Palmer" for his assistant Jimmy Palmer etc. Hart's skills as a lawyer are a match for Gibbs' skills as an investigator. User Polls TV Time's Most Saskia Eskens Adventure Shows Fall TV Premieres: Sept. Tali Ncis once Hush Hush Film returning Stream Runterladen a mission, Jackson was saved by an enemy German pilot.

Todd is a former Secret Service agent, recruited by Gibbs after she successfully helped him solve a murder aboard Air Force One.

She works well with everyone on the team, becoming particularly close with Ducky and Abby, who convinces her to get a tattoo.

Tony frequently flirts with her and sometimes goes through her personal belongings, no matter how many times she points out that his behavior is grossly unprofessional.

At the same time, Kate is willing to risk her life for DiNozzo and admits that life would be considerably less interesting without him around. Following Sasha Alexander's decision to leave the show, Todd is killed in the line of duty at the end of the episode " Twilight " by Ari Haswari, collateral damage in the terrorist's obsession with Gibbs.

She was replaced at NCIS by Ziva David. Senior Field Special Agent Anthony D. Michael Weatherly is a former homicide detective for the Baltimore , Philadelphia and Peoria Police Departments.

Like Gibbs, he has limited patience for the scientific method and technical terms. DiNozzo is known for his seemingly-endless film references; Ziva insists that his dying words will be "I've seen this film".

He attended Ohio State University as a physical education major and was a member of the "Alpha Chi Delta" fraternity, class of DiNozzo is said to have played varsity college basketball, "running the point for Ohio State" according to Abby.

It is mentioned in the season three episode " Kill Ari Part I " that he comes from a wealthy family but has been cut off by his father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr played by Robert Wagner who in turn was played by Weatherly in a TV movie.

DiNozzo's mother was over-protective and she "dressed him like a sailor until he was ten". DiNozzo is a flirt, and has a fondness for playing pranks on his co-workers, sometimes with little respect for their boundaries.

During the course of season four, he is on an undercover assignment that Director Jenny Shepard leads, the key mission being to find arms dealer La Grenouille by posing as his daughter's boyfriend, but he ends up falling in love with her.

In the episode " Knockout ", he reveals that he is not doing well with women and that he is still hurting from his relationship with Jeanne Benoit.

There is a great deal of romantic tension between Tony and Ziva. Despite his playboy manner and lighthearted nature, DiNozzo is frequently shown to be very sharp; he is able to coax Mossad Director Eli David into admitting that he ordered Rivkin and Ziva to spy on NCIS.

He is reassigned as an Agent Afloat in the season five finale " Judgment Day ", and transferred back to the Major Case Response Team in the episode " Agent Afloat ".

Both are rescued from the elevator and survive their ordeal. In season thirteen, DiNozzo confesses his love for Ziva after learning of her apparent death, and it is revealed that the two have a child named Tali.

He departs NCIS in order to travel to Israel to find answers and to Paris because Ziva loved Paris. In season 14 it is revealed that Tali and Tony like Paris so much they'll stay indefinitely.

It is revealed in season 16 that Ziva is in fact alive and has been in hiding to protect Tony and Tali from a woman who is trying to kill her, and in season 17 it is elaborated that Tony found Ziva after leaving NCIS and knew she was alive all along.

Once the threat against her is eliminated, Ziva goes home to Paris to reunite with Tony and Tali. Prior to his departure in the season thirteen episode "Family First", Michael Weatherly appeared in every episode except season thirteen's "Homefront".

Abigail "Abby" Sciuto Pauley Perrette is a forensic specialist with NCIS , originally from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. As indicated in the episode " Seadog ", she is the adopted child of deaf parents, though she does not find out she is adopted until season nine when she learns that she has a biological brother with whom she reconnects in season ten.

She is known for her gothic style of dress although she herself does not consider herself to be "Goth" and her addiction to the fictional, high- caffeine beverage "Caf-Pow!

Abby has a brief sexual relationship with Special Agent McGee, seen in the season one episode " Reveille ", which ends with the two remaining friends.

She is the most active and affectionate person of the team, often hugging everyone and talking fast, though she can be easily distracted.

She is one of the few who can talk to Gibbs freely, and he often brings her Caf-Pows when he visits her lab for information.

She and Gibbs are both fluent in sign language. She has a stuffed hippopotamus named Bert that often appears in the show and provides comic relief with its farting in otherwise tense situations.

Abby is a devout Roman Catholic and her hobbies include being on a bowling team with nuns , helping build homes for the needy, and playing computer games.

She sleeps in a coffin and is, according to DiNozzo, "the happiest goth you will ever meet". In the episode " Extreme Prejudice ", it is revealed that she survives and is physically unharmed.

In , Perrette revealed that she would leave the show after the end of season Late in season 15, MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves is killed while protecting Abby from a supposed mugger.

She is wounded in the attempt, but recovers and later coerces the man who wanted her dead to confess. She then resigns from NCIS in order to start a charity in England in memory of Reeves' mother, a dream he had planned to pursue after retiring.

Prior to her departure in the season fifteen episode "Two Steps Back", Pauley Perrette appeared in every episode. Donald Horatio "Ducky" Mallard, D.

He retired from his position as chief medical examiner and became an NCIS historian in season His nickname "Ducky," which the NCIS team addresses him as, is a play on his last name Mallard.

When he was younger he went by "Donnie. Mallard is a kind but eccentric character who often talks to the deceased "their bodies tell me a great deal; it helps to reciprocate" [13] and rambles to the living with long personal remembrances or historical accounts.

In " Truth or Consequences ," DiNozzo says that "sometimes his head is connected directly to his mouth. Palmer" for his assistant Jimmy Palmer etc.

He has stated that he is not a religious person. Mallard attended Eton College [14] and the University of Edinburgh Medical School and served in the Royal Army Medical Corps , mustering out with the rank of Captain.

While in the RAMC, he served in the Vietnam War while on an officer-exchange program with the United States military.

While in Afghanistan, Ducky stumbled on a CIA interrogation program in the Jalozai refugee camp on the Pakistani border, run by Marcin Jerek, aka Mr.

Pain, which tortured Afghan refugees for intelligence purposes. When Ducky found out about the program through Javid, a young man being tortured by Mr.

Pain, he gave Javid and a number of other prisoners a lethal injection of morphine to save them from a slow and painful death. When Javid's sister attacked Ducky at a crime scene, the story resurfaced and Ducky was to be investigated by the Afghan government for war crimes.

However, he was found innocent when he confronted Mr. Pain at the Afghan embassy. It was revealed that Mr. Pain knew that Javid was innocent and that the only reason he was torturing him was to break Ducky to stop him giving prisoners morphine injections.

Pain was then arrested and turned over to the Afghan government for trial. However, Ducky claimed that he would not be forgiven for the act by others or by himself.

He joined NCIS in December Although most of his time is spent in autopsy and attending crime scenes, he is sent on an important undercover mission in " Blowback ".

Ducky has a "second talent", as Gibbs calls it, to be able to read people, which he expands in season four by studying psychology.

In cases without actual bodies, he assists by using his psychological training to decipher the clues left by the perpetrators and establish modus operandi and motive.

Until season six, Ducky lived with his aging mother Victoria and her corgis. Nina Foch , who played Victoria, died in In " Broken Bird ," Ducky reveals that his mother has moved out and has Alzheimer's disease.

Her headstone indicates she lived — Later, Gibbs pays him a condolence call in the autopsy room, but Ducky seems relieved at her death probably as she was no longer suffering from Alzheimer's , grateful to have been her son and proud that she almost lived to the age of In season nine, " Playing with Fire ," it is revealed that Ducky has inherited a lot of money from his mother's estate.

Gibbs is the first person he reveals this to. In the episode "Spinning Wheel," Ducky is revealed to have a half-brother, Nicholas, who is 20 years his junior; his father Joseph and his ex-stepmother, Lorraine, are also introduced in that episode.

Ducky drives a Morgan that he restored himself. There is a running gag in which Ducky and his assistant first Gerald and then Jimmy frequently get lost or meet a mishap when driving to the crime scene.

According to Jimmy, Ducky chased the teens for several blocks and apprehended them and made them clean its windshield.

He asks Gibbs to be the executor of his will. While walking on a beach, Ducky suffers a heart attack in the season nine finale, " Till Death Do Us Part ," after hearing about the bomb blast at NCIS headquarters and then is seen lying motionless.

From this he is seen to push Jimmy into being more confident and to be ready to take his place. In "Twofer," Ducky learns that his alma mater , the University of Edinburgh , wants to present him with an honorary doctor of Humane Letters , which he receives in "Exit Strategy.

In season 15 , Ducky takes a sabbatical from NCIS to teach at John Jay College of Criminal Justice , leaving Dr.

Palmer in charge in his absence. His visiting professorship ends in early season 16 and he proceeds to embark on a book tour after publishing a book about the various cases he had worked on over his long career as a medical examiner both at and prior to NCIS.

Ducky announces his official retirement from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in "Bears and Cubs. When Special Agent Caitlin Todd asked Gibbs "What did Ducky look like when he was younger?

Until season 15, David McCallum had appeared in every episode of NCIS except "Legend Part II. Timothy "Tim" McGee Sean Murray first appears in the episode " Sub Rosa " as a case agent stationed at Norfolk, and is promoted to field agent and assigned to Agent Gibbs' team at the end of the season two premiere, " See No Evil ", becoming a regular character.

He serves as a field computer consultant and occasionally assists Abby in the lab. McGee clashes with DiNozzo, though after the two became partners following Ziva's departure from the team at the end of season six , they are frequently shown to form an effective team; however, their relationship has occasionally reverted to its original state upon Ziva's return.

McGee's methods are often indecipherable to the other team members, which earns him the pejorative nicknames "McGeek", "McGoo", and "Probie" from DiNozzo along with other derisive nicknames, usually based on his surname ; and "Elf Lord", used by multiple characters due to his elf character in an online role playing computer game.

He studied biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University , and computer forensics at MIT. He graduated top of his class at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

McGee is also a writer, writing mystery crime novels including a national bestseller, Deep Six: The Continuing Adventures of L.

Tibbs , under the pseudonym Thom E. Gemcity an anagram of his name , featuring characters based on his fellow co-workers and others from his everyday life.

He drives a silver Porsche Boxster as seen in the episode " Twisted Sister ". He owns a dog, Jethro. Jethro was falsely accused of killing his police handler.

Abby proves his innocence, names him and convinces McGee to take him because her landlord won't let her keep the dog, despite the dog having attacked him earlier in the episode " Dog Tags ".

McGee is transferred to Cybercrimes Division in season five "Judgment Day" and back to the Major Case Response Team in season six " Last Man Standing ".

With DiNozzo's departure in the final episode of season thirteen, McGee is permanently promoted to Senior Field Agent. Ziva David Cote de Pablo initially holds the post of Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS , to which she is appointed following the murder of Special Agent Caitlin Todd by a rogue Mossad operative named Ari Haswari.

Ziva was Ari's control officer and half-sister. Despite initially believing that Ari is innocent, she fatally shoots him when he attempts to kill Gibbs, earning the latter's trust.

Later, she requests a liaison assignment to NCIS, and joins Gibbs' team. At the end of season six, she falls under suspicion as a spy for Mossad.

De Pablo describes the character as someone who is "completely different from anyone else on the show" because "she's been around men all her life; she's used to men in authority.

She's not afraid of men". I wanted to bring in a character that causes Tony to have to sit back and not quite be able to handle her. And I wanted someone who was more international".

David's specialties with Mossad were espionage , assassination and counter-terrorism and she is highly trained in martial arts.

She speaks Hebrew , English, Arabic , Spanish , French , Italian , German , Russian and Turkish.

Despite being fluent in English, she sometimes misinterprets idioms and phrases; this is a running joke within the series.

Throughout the series, she is accused of driving too fast with passengers though she claims that she was trained to drive quickly to avoid roadside ambushes , leading to McGee and DiNozzo always wanting to drive whenever they are partnered with her.

She is shown to frequently clash with DiNozzo in good-natured arguments. She is very skilled with a knife and is shown teaching her colleagues how to throw one properly.

She is the one person Gibbs trusts with any type of firearm in difficult situations. Throughout her career, she has travelled extensively to countries including Egypt where she met Jenny Shepard , Iraq , the United Kingdom and Morocco.

Following Ziva's captivity and torture in a terrorist camp in Somalia , an ordeal that lasts for several months, she resigns from Mossad.

In the season seven episode " Good Cop, Bad Cop " she becomes a probationary NCIS Special Agent. Since then, Tony refers to her as with McGee as "Probie".

As of " Rule Fifty-One ", she is a citizen of the United States and able to become a full agent which is made official in season nine's " Nature of the Beast ".

David rarely speaks of her personal life. As of season ten, all of her immediate family are deceased. Her father, Eli David, is the director of Mossad until he is shot and killed in " Shabbat Shalom ".

The show rarely mentions her mother, Rivka, who taught her to drive; all that is known is that her mother is deceased and that she does not have the same mother as Ari.

Her younger sister, Tali David, was killed in a Hamas terrorist attack against Israel at the age of sixteen. She also has an Aunt Nettie who likes to play mahjong.

Ziva is able to play the piano and is shown to enjoy cooking and reading. She enjoys the fictional drink Berry Mango Madness.

She drives a red Mini Cooper but at the end of season ten, she sells the Mini and replaces it with an Inferno Orange Metallic V6 Camaro convertible.

She likes listening to the Israeli band Hadag Nachash and the Latin American band Kinky. She does not own a television but her favorite film is The Sound of Music.

Following Ziva's resignation from NCIS, she is replaced by former NSA analyst Ellie Bishop. In season thirteen, following Ziva's presumed death at the hands of a Trent Kort-hired assassin, it is revealed she and Tony have a child named Tali.

In season sixteen, in the episode titled "She", it is revealed that Ziva is still alive and in hiding to protect her family.

She writes a note to Eleanor Bishop, asking her to keep her secret. She makes her official return in the season finale, "Daughters", to warn Gibbs that he is in danger.

Jennifer "Jenny" Shepard Lauren Holly is the director of NCIS from season three to season five, replacing Thomas Morrow.

She first appears in the episode "Kill Ari Part I ". She was a military brat ; her father, Jasper Shepard, was a colonel in the United States Army.

She is Gibbs' former partner and lover. When Gibbs asked Jenny to go with him, she refused as she wished to advance her career to exact revenge on the arms dealer who killed her father.

Jenny and Gibbs are reunited in "Kill Ari Part I ", which stirs Gibbs' heart and opens up constant flirtation between her and Gibbs. Shepard has a close relationship with Ziva David and occasionally provides her with key information on cases without going through regular channels or telling Gibbs, as in the season three episode " Head Case ".

They make it a point to keep these dealings confidential, arguing that "what Gibbs doesn't know can't hurt us". Later in the episode, though, Gibbs' remarks reveals that he already knows about her assistance.

Shepard and Ziva have a working relationship prior to Shepard's being appointed Director of NCIS. The sub-plot comes to a head late in the season when it is revealed that Jenny blames Benoit for her father's death and that Benoit is now central to a major CIA deep-cover operation.

Gibbs confronts Jenny over the operation, suggesting she is letting her emotions rule and has knowingly placed DiNozzo in danger and jeopardized a major CIA operation for the purposes of revenge.

During the episode " Internal Affairs ", Gibbs tells Shepard that he thinks she is responsible for Benoit's murder, having seen Benoit leave without the gun she angrily tried to give him when he asked for her protection; this is reiterated when Gibbs looks through the FBI's file on Benoit's death in "Judgment Day" Part 1.

In several episodes during season five, Jenny's failing health becomes a plot issue. For example, in " Stakeout ", Ducky is shown ordering a test on a blood sample and tells Abby it is from a John Doe.

However, when Abby talks to Jimmy Palmer, he says they have no John Does. Gibbs deduces, correctly, that the only person Ducky would "stick his neck out" for would be the director.

In the next episode, " Dog Tags ", Gibbs questions Jenny about her illness and she says she is fine. Her exact illness is never revealed; however, in "Stakeout", Abby tells Ducky there is an elevated level of creatine kinase in the blood sample she runs.

Mike Franks also discovers Shepard's illness by going through her purse and finding her medication. Shepard is killed in the episode "Judgment Day" Part 1.

Franks and Jenny are talking in an abandoned diner when she reveals that she regrets leaving Gibbs and she is still in love with him.

It is revealed that she botched an operation ten years prior, when she and Gibbs had been ordered to assassinate a pair of Russian crime lords and lovers.

Gibbs shot the man, but Jenny faced down the woman, Natasha aka Svetlana , and let her live. Natasha sends assassins to kill Jenny in the diner; Jenny kills them all but dies of her injuries.

Franks, who is outside at the time of the shooting, returns to Jenny's house where Natasha is trying to kill Gibbs, and Franks shoots her.

Gibbs and Franks decide to cover Jenny's mistake and death by burning down her Georgetown mansion. Jenny's cause of death is reported as "death in home fire".

Her loss affects the rest of the characters greatly. Abby regrets that she never told Jenny she was a snappy dresser, and says that would have made her smile.

After Director Shepard's death, she is replaced by Assistant Director Leon Vance. Leon James Vance [28] Rocky Carroll first appears in the season five episode " Internal Affairs " as the Assistant Director of the NCIS , and is named Director after the death of Jenny Shepard.

In " Knockout " it is revealed that he was originally from Ohio, but grew up in Chicago where he trained to be a boxer.

His wife states that Vance attended the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps , but was forced to take a medical discharge before ever serving due to surgery to repair a detached retina suffered during his boxing career.

Vance also reveals that it was this friend who decided that Vance should leave Chicago while he stayed behind. Vance says this despite his insistence to Gibbs that his friend was a Marine, though there is no record of his friend's service in the military.

This episode strongly implies that Owens and Vance switched identities in order for the current Vance to have a future.

More of Vance's background is revealed in "Enemies Domestic", in season eight. To play the young Vance, Rocky Carroll underwent make-up procedures that he described as "a little instant facelift".

He even imagines one himself: Operation Frankenstein, which would later play a big part in the season eight finale. NIS later renamed NCIS takes an interest in him and he is recruited by Special Agent Whitney Sharp.

Vance is trained by Sharp and after a six-week training course, leaves for an operation in Amsterdam, codenamed Trident.

He meets his handler, Riley McAllister, who tells him that the target is a Russian agent known to Vance only as "The Russian".

NIS believes he is bribing sailors for intelligence. Vance meets Eli David, a promising Mossad agent, who tells him he knows of the operation and that the Russian will kill him.

Later, Eli betrays Vance to the Russian but it is revealed that this is so he can kill him himself. Eli also tells Vance he has been chosen because he is expendable and would not be missed.

Eli and Vance kill the Russian's hit team, but the Russian manages to escape. Eli is unable to find him or who he was.

Vance is credited with the elimination of the hit team and he starts to rise swiftly through the ranks at NCIS. He keeps believing, along with Eli, that there was a dirty agent in NCIS, who had really tipped off the Russian about Vance's mission.

It is later revealed that this is McAllister; an expert on Russia, he saw that the Soviet Union's collapse had diverted attention onto the Middle East, and planned to have Vance killed by a Russian operative to show that Russia still posed a major threat, thus setting himself up for the directorship of NCIS.

Then-Assistant Director Vance takes over for Jenny Shepard during her leave of absence between "Internal Affairs" and "Judgment Day", establishing himself as a formidable presence with Gibbs and his team.

He scatters Tony, McGee, and Ziva to various departments and assigns Gibbs a new team in the Season 6 premiere " Last Man Standing " upon being named Director; however it is later revealed that he did this to flush out a mole in the agency.

However, the two clash later on as Gibbs feels he cannot fully trust Vance, though he cannot identify a specific reason why.

Vance spearheads the investigation into Shepard's death, and is angered greatly when he is not kept in the loop by Gibbs and Mike Franks, who ultimately manipulate the situation to exonerate Shepard from her past failure, not what Vance had in mind.

After Shepard's death, and possibly before, he lobbies the Secretary of the Navy hard to take over NCIS, as seen in " Cloak ", but in " Semper Fidelis " the Secretary informs Gibbs of a major operation which will require Vance to serve as its head, and that NCIS and the Navy will need Gibbs and Vance to get along.

Things come to a head in " Aliyah ", when Gibbs accuses Vance of selling out his team to Mossad Director Eli David. Vance responds that Ziva is a plant, used to get Mossad a foothold in NCIS through Gibbs.

Vance also reveals that he knows about the true story of the death of Ari Haswari. After this, the two of them realize that circumstances will prove one of them right.

At the start of season seven, Vance approves Ziva's transfer to NCIS, proving that Gibbs was right, and Ziva is loyal to NCIS.

Despite his professional attitude towards Gibbs' team, Vance shows that he does care about them at least once when Alejandro Rivera threatens Abby in " Spider and the Fly ".

He tells Rivera to leave before he gets hurt and when Rivera asks by whom, he replies angrily: "By me. Even after the events of "Aliyah", Vance is shown to still be in official contact with Eli David in his capacity as director of Mossad.

This is shown when he receives a text message on his phone from Eli which says only: "I found him". Vance also refuses to discuss a phone call from Eli with Gibbs, despite knowing how dangerous Eli is, and despite his precarious relationship with Gibbs and his team.

Upon being promoted to the director's position at the end of season five, Vance immediately goes to former Director Shepard's office, and is seen to shred a single mysterious document from his own personnel file.

It is revealed in season six "Semper Fidelis" that the document was written by his supervising agent at the time. The Secretary of the Navy tells Gibbs that the file is a fabrication and that he thought all copies had been destroyed.

It is further revealed in the season eight episode, " Enemies Domestic ", [32] that the head of the San Diego field office, when Vance was assigned there, had begun creating a legend for Vance that incorporated fictitious information about Vance in order to backstop a deep cover assignment, including the false information that Vance had been a pilot and director of a field office.

In the season nine finale, " Till Death Do Us Part ", a bomb blast occurs at NCIS headquarters with Vance's whereabouts unknown. In the season 10 premiere, " Extreme Prejudice ", it is revealed that he survived relatively unscathed.

In the season 10 episode " Shabbat Shalom ", Vance is widowed when his wife Jackie is shot and dies in surgery. Eli David also dies in the episode.

In the Season 11 episode " Homesick ", Jackie's estranged biological father Lamar Addison shows up at the family home, much to Vance's displeasure.

It is revealed that he walked out on Jackie, her mother and brother when she was young and that he was never married to her mother.

Vance and Jackie have two children: a daughter, Kayla, and a son, Jared. Vance met his wife while attending a University of Maryland basketball game while Len Bias was playing.

Gibbs is particularly empathetic to Vance after his wife's murder since Gibbs himself went through a similar experience. Vance also prevents Gibbs' detention during a DOD internal investigation by allowing him to be temporarily assigned to JSOC.

In " Double Trouble ", Vance is almost asked to resign after a confrontation with former NCIS Agent Kip Klugman, whom Vance arrested during his last case as a field agent in San Diego in , until he and Gibbs are able to clear his name.

In that episode, Secretary Porter mentions that he has been the Director of NCIS for longer than his last two predecessors combined at that point, just over 7 years.

In season sixteen, Vance is under surviellence by the CIA, following his abduction and torture by a terrorist at the end of the previous season.

James "Jimmy" Palmer Brian Dietzen is an assistant medical examiner who first appears in the episode " Split Decision ".

After Gerald Jackson is incapacitated, Palmer becomes Mallard's assistant. He self-identifies as a sufferer of a "mild" case of diabetes mellitus in the episode " In The Dark ".

He often seems intimidated by Gibbs, especially when he goes into one of his trademark strange rambling explanations of something that has not been requested.

Part of the reason that Dr. Mallard and he are often not at the crime scene until well after Gibbs and his team arrive is related to Dr. Mallard's emphasis on Jimmy being a horrible driver and always getting lost, although Jimmy tries to defend himself by pointing out that Ducky is the one with the map.

He was named after former Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jim Palmer , [33] but does not like baseball.

Jimmy is the central character of the episode " About Face " where he must recover his memory to find a suspect to a murder case and his attempted killer.

Like Ducky, Palmer speaks to the dead, though he is far more irreverent, sometimes raising not only eyebrows but doubts about his analytic abilities in the process.

Some episodes depict an ongoing illicit office romance between Jimmy and Michelle Lee. They make excuses for working late and are seen entering and exiting the underside of the autopsy table.

In the episode " Last Man Standing ", Palmer admits to Gibbs and Vance that he and Agent Lee had been "doing it" for a while, but he had broken it off because he felt "used" — an important bit of information about Lee's character, as a bit of dramatic irony reveals at the end of the same episode.

In " The Good Wives Club ", it is revealed that Jimmy is claustrophobic; when he is entering the enclosed hallway he is seen sweating profusely and when he has to go get the body bag he freaks out about having to go back through it.

In " About Face ", as Jimmy is being hypnotized by Abby, it seems that Jimmy has a shoe fetish, as he dreamily talks in detail about Ziva and Abby's footwear instead of recalling information about the current case.

The episode also indicates that his mother's name is Eunice. In the episode " Bounce " we see that Palmer regularly helps Tony when he is in charge, despite the fact that Tony has frequently mocked Palmer by calling him an "autopsy gremlin".

Palmer is also shown to have severe tinnitus. Season seven reveals that Jimmy is in love with a girl named Breena Slater, who is employed as a mortician and appears in the episode " Mother's Day ".

In the season eight finale, " Pyramid ", NCIS special agent E. Barrett congratulates Jimmy on his engagement, and in the season nine premiere " Nature of the Beast ", Ziva says that they are getting married next spring.

In " Newborn King ", Palmer is accompanied to NCIS headquarters by Breena's father, Ed Slater. Ed alternates between grating on the nerves of the entire team and mocking Palmer's career choice.

Most of the team either ignore Ed or quietly tolerate his rudeness out of respect for Palmer and his guest. Palmer eventually tires of Ed's behavior, telling him to sit down and shut up.

The end of the episode shows Ed accepting Palmer and expressing a desire for a grandchild. In " Till Death Do Us Part ", prior to a bomb blast at the NCIS headquarters, Palmer and Breena decide to get married on the spot so he can assist the rest of the team in the Harper Dearing case.

In episode " Damned If You Do ", Jimmy tells Ducky that he and Breena are on a waiting list for adoption, seeing as how there are so many children without parents.

In the season 11 episode, "The Admiral's Daughter" it is revealed to Jimmy through a word game that Breena is pregnant.

Breena gives birth to the baby girl in the season twelve episode "We Build, We Fight", and they name her "Victoria Elizabeth Palmer" after Ducky's mother, with Ducky as her "Grand-Ducky".

During his first few seasons, Jimmy is portrayed as a geek with a tendency to ramble or speak out of turn, much to the irritation of Gibbs and even Ducky on occasions.

When he first starts, as with most "newbies", he is subjected to some teasing by DiNozzo. By season ten, he is shown as more of a surrogate son to Ducky rather than simply his assistant though this relationship has been implied throughout the series.

In " Extreme Prejudice ", he insists on remaining at Ducky's bedside until Ducky convinces him that NCIS needs him more.

In the season fourteen episode "Keep Going", Jimmy confesses to a victim's son that he is now a qualified doctor, having passed his Medical Examiner test on the third time; he had failed it twice before , but doesn't want the rest of the team to know.

However, everyone finds out because he was speaking in front of a mic, and Ducky congratulates him. Here are the buzz-worthy titles you're going to want to mark on your calendar.

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The Rise of Daniel Kaluuya. Share this page:. The Most Anticipated Movies to Stream in February Ziva Cote de Pablo spends most of season 17 talking about her desire to get back home to her daughter so she can live a normal life.

Who plays Tali? Showbiz Cheat Sheet has the answer for you. Before disappearing into the shadows, Ziva gives Tali to Adam, who then helps the little girl safely reunite with Tony.

Unfortunately, Ziva begins having panic attacks after giving up Tali.

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Dabei stirbt Louis Herthum zusammen mit Jackie Vance bei einem Anschlag auf Leons Haus.
Tali Ncis NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Talia made her debut in episode 16 Fish Out of Water, when she partnered up with Marty Deeks. In the season finale, Talia helps the team when a group of terrorists have stolen a submarine and loaded it with ammomium nitrate. Tony later discovers he and Ziva have a daughter named Tali, who is named after Ziva’s sister. During “NCIS” season 17, it’s revealed Ziva went into hiding after the blast. Before disappearing into. Father's Day will never be the same for Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. In the NCIS Season 13 finale, he unexpectedly found out that he had a daughter, Tali—launching him into a new chapter of his life with a lot to learn. In this first highlight, it seems DiNozzo will be a natural as he plays with Tali and bonds with her for the first time. Talia "Tali" David-DiNozzo is the daughter of former NCIS Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo Junior and Ziva David, niece of Ari Haswari and Tali David as well as the granddaughter of Eli David and Anthony DiNozzo Senior. Emelia Golfieri, Actress: The Way Back. Emelia Golfieri is an actress, known for The Way Back (), NCIS () and Coyote ().
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